Man jumps in icy lake to save labs, when his dog heroically jumps in after to help

After Timofey Yuriev and his faithful dog, Kira, met one another last year — the two have been inseparable.

Even when it comes to rescuing others.

Image via Timofey Yuriev

Yuriev and his wife, along with Kira, were all headed out for a stroll by an ice-covered lake close to home in New York.

And while all was peaceful around sunset earlier this month— the quiet evening soon took a dramatic turn.

“We heard a woman screaming something across the lake, so we went to see what was happening,” Yuriev shared with The Dodo. “Her two old Labradors were crossing the lake, when they got to a spot where the ice is much thinner. One fell in, then the second. They tried to climb out but they couldn’t.”

Image via Timofey Yuriev

As Yuriev watched the dogs, he knew that time was the most important aspect — the dog’s energy being quickly drained by the freezing water.

And as Yuriev has experience in swimming in icy conditions — he decided to take the plunge to save the two dogs himself.

But it should be noted, however, that the rescue was in fact, a team effort.

After Yuriev stripped down, he jumped into the freezing lake and quickly realized that Kira was by his side in the water.

“I knew she was going to follow me,” Yuriev said. “We were going to do it together.”

Below is the actual footage of the heroic feet, taken by Yuriev’s wife — showing both Yuriv and Kira reaching the closest dog first.

Many commented on the video saying “what a hero,” as well as “god bless you,” and “amazing rescue!”

“She was great moral support; I was not alone,” Yuriev said. “There was my little helper.”

After leading the first dog to the shore safely, Yuriev and Kira headed back out for the second dog:

“She came to each dog and touched them with her nose, then helped guide them back.”

Once they were back on dry land — both of the rescued dogs were stunned but in good health.

Image via Facebook

Both Yuriev and Kira had given the dogs a second chance at life.

“The owner, of course, was in tears,” Yuriev shared. “She was so thankful.”

Kira has long been a dog with a big heart as well as a big brain — always able to read the room and know when her assistance is needed.

And on that day in particular, it was very clear she had a gift for helping others.

Image via Timofey Yuriev

“We told her that she’s a dog-saving dog. I’m sure she understood that something was happening.”

“She could see the dogs were in distress. I’m positive about it,” Yuriev continued, sharing how he was just happy they were able to help a fellow pup.

Image via Timofey Yuriev

“It was pure luck that we were at that place at that time.”

“It was like the universe smiled at us.”

I think we can all agree someone has perfect timing!

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