Server speaks sign language to deaf patron, earning them an overwhelming surprise

Through all the negativity in the world today, it’s nice to come in contact with something sweet — like an unexpected surprise.

One young waitress who spoke sign language to a deaf patron unexpectedly received a very generous tip from another customer — and let’s just say, it will make you believe in people again.

Reddit user foofighter16, Kelsey, is a student during the day and a waitress at night at a local bar.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Kelsey is also fluent in sign language.

While Kelsey was working, she interacted with a deaf customer who was sitting alone in her section.

Kelsey then chatted with him in sign — and one of Kelsey’s other table’s noticed the interaction and asked her how long she has been speaking sign language.

After the table left, Kelsey discovered a note left on their receipt — paired with a $100 tip. The receipt reads:

“Thank you for what you do, it absolutely matters! Good luck w/ finishing your degree!”

Image via Reddit

And as you can imagine, the story warmed peoples hearts, with commenters saying:

“Oh man. I’m fluent as well. My parents are deaf. I love this story. My mom passed away years ago and my dad is 81 and alone. He sometimes takes himself out to dinner, I often think about how isolating it is.”

“I’m deaf for one year now, brain tumors did it. I haven’t become fluent at sign language, I know the alphabet but struggle. I don’t think I’ll be going to a bar ever again. [S]ocial situations like that are so difficult now. I’m only 31 and being deaf now is life changing for sure.”

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“I used to be a “front-line” worker in social services and provided in-home care to seniors. 80% of the job was either socializing with the seniors directly or arranging social activities for them with other seniors. My official responsibilities involved things like medication, financial planning, mobility assistance, cooking, cleaning, driving, changing diapers, maintaining medical equipment….but nothing helped these people more than simple social interaction. Illnesses can be treated, and limitations can be accommodated, but loneliness will still eat away at them if they have nobody to properly talk to.”

“When I was in college and taking sign language, there were silent dinners held in the community. One of grade requirements was to attend. It gave us the ability to practice.”

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“This is probably gonna get buried but once when I was younger about 14 years ago, I was eating at a restaurant with my parent when the table next to us was basically harassing the waitress because of something that wasn’t her fault, and ended up not tipping her so she started crying and took a short break. After seeing this towards the end of the meal my father went up to her and told her not to worry about the jerks in the world and that better things are ahead and tipped her 100. She started crying again (happiness this time) and ever since that day I’ve always wanted to be successful enough to impact people in this exact way, the people that actually deserve it.”

Okay, I am covered in tissues and tears — moral of the story people: be kind! You never know who needs it and what they are going through.

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