Woman reveals to date she is trans and his response will make you swoon

While attitudes towards the transgender community have made strides in the past few years — the road ahead when it comes to awareness and acceptance, along with shutting down abuse is a long one.

This is due to trans people continuing to have a much more difficult time with doing simple activities like using public restrooms, walking down the street and dating.

So when Tiffany Monroe, a 23-year-old transgender woman, shared with a man she was messaging that she was trans — his response was a breathe of fresh air.

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“I told this guy I was trans and look at his response,” wrote Monroe, paired with a screenshot of the two’s interaction.

“Honestly I ain’t worried too much about that if that’s the case,” wrote the man. “You’re a woman and I ain’t gay so what you talking about exactly.”

“It’s 2019, I’m a grown man, your past shouldn’t matter like that,” he continued.

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The tweet as you can imagine went viral quickly — as folks adored the man’s perfect response — with comments like:

“Husband energy”

“A big part of me is like “cherish that man!!” and then another part of me is like, the bar is so low that we’re praising a guy for not being awful?”

“I feel like slowly, this is and hopefully will be the new standard. The most handsome sexy guys I’ve been with recently share this attitude and basically said the same thing. I think the tgirl agenda is taking hold slowly but surely”

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“You better lock that sh*t down then cause now every girl on trans twitter gonna try and find him”

According to InStyle, there are an estimated 1.4 million people in the United States who identify as transgender.

And when it comes to revealing to your potential dates your gender — there seems to be two schools of thought about it.

While one group believes that it is not your date’s business to know, the other believes that the sooner you share the info — the better.

The first group is of the belief that this is very personal information that you do not need to disclose until you want to — like for instance, when you start to feel a deeper connection.

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The latter group believes that this allows one to remove folks who will not want to continue to see you — maybe saving you a little heartache in the process.

“I am a big believer, regardless of gender identity, that it is important to choose people in your life who can appreciate all of who you are. If you do not reveal the truth of your life struggles, growth, pain, triumphs, and experiences, you can’t attract someone who can appreciate you on a profound level.” writes Dr. Jen Mann.

“I was touched by the way one trans woman described her experience of dating in an op-ed for the British indie magazine Dazed, “…If you want to date someone he should be willing to accept you as you are. Dating and being trans is hard enough without trying to be somebody else.” Dr. Jen Mann continued.

Amen to that!

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