People cannot get over this dentist’s actual age

Dentist Lee Su Jin looks like she just finished her training — except she went to college 25 years ago.

The Korean mom is currently the director of a dental clinic.

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But while Lee’s successful career and top tier position is sizable, if you were to meet her in person, it would be safe to assume she was a whole lot younger than her actual age.

Lee’s amazingly young appearance left viewers gawking after she appeared on Same Bed, Different Dreams, a Korean TV show which resolves tension between parents and their kids.

Lee is featured on the show alongside her daughter — who was upset about her mom’s social media addiction.

Lee had become addicted to uploading photographs of herself to Instagram.

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And sadly, Lee admitted that she became obsessed with social media after her daughter stopped talking to her as much once she started middle school.

She says the social interaction she has received through Instagram helped fill the void left by her daughter’s attention.

According to 9Gag, the dueling mother and daughter were able to mend things between them while on the show.

But aside from the family disputes — most viewers were shocked about Lee’s appearance and wanted to know how she looked as good as she did for her age.

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Lee went onto credit her twenty-something vibe to a healthy diet, exercise regime and some very fortunate genes.

So how old is she exactly?

50-years-old if you can believe it.

After the show aired, Lee became a social media celeb with hundreds running to Instagram to oogle over her appearance.

Lee’s appearance leads others (as well as myself) to ask the question — at what age do we start to “age” and what do we need to do about it?

“We used to think everything was great until about age 35, when all the skin processes started to slow down at once,” says Dr. Frauke Neuser, Olay principal scientist.”But that’s not what we found. In reality, different cell processes change at each decade, until you start seeing the cumulative effects all together.”

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“We always thought that you just need to moisturize and use sunscreen in your 20s, but this new data shows that skin is already susceptible to oxidative stressors and damage,” says Neuser.

And so what exactly is the best time to start using products with antioxidants like stabilized vitamin C, vitman E, green tea extract, and fruit acids?

Right around college graduation.

It is believed that up to 80 percent of again is due to lifestyle choices.

Sleeping seven to eight hours a night, along with a protein-rich diet and taking in lots of water will give your skin the building blocks it needs to renew.

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And as some folks have trouble absorbing all the nutrients they consume — a supplement that includes peptides, amino acids and biotin help replace what is lost with aging.

“A 60-year-old who has never done anything and buys a $200 anti-aging cream just isn’t going to see the same results as someone who has been taking care of her skin throughout earlier aging stages,” says Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, New York cosmetic dermatologist.

You hear the man! We gotta nurture what we got if we are going to look like Lee..

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