New Yorkers say vaccines should be mandated regardless of religion

Close to 80 percent of New Yorkers believe vaccinations should be required for kids before they can attend school, regardless of family religious beliefs — according to a new poll.

The support for required vaccinations is backed heavily by Democrats, Republicans as well as independents according to the latest Siena College poll.

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If you are curious about the exact numbers, 75 percent of Republicans, 86 percent of Democrats and 70 percent of independents were in favor of said vaccinations.

Earlier in March, a poll was conducted via telephone calls to 700 registered voters in New York.

In recent months in multiple parts of the country, vaccine exemptions for kids in school have made news as the states face a measles outbreak.

Just outside of New York City, Rockland county has been dealing with measles outbreak since last year.

The outbreak includes 147 confirmed cases so far.

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The outbreaks have made officials look into religious exemptions for vaccines.

A new bill in the New York Legislature would allow minors to get vaccinated, even if their parents object.

But states including Texas have been searching to make vaccine exemptions easier to obtain.

After the vaccine was introduced in the 1960s, measles were mostly eliminated in the U.S. back in the 1960s.

But currently, health officials fear the potential resurgence due to the alarming opposition to vaccines despite plenty of research.

So why vaccinate and are there actually benefits in doing so?

Immunizations have been linked to saving countless numbers of people’s lives.

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Thanks to advances in medical science, those who are vaccinated can be shielded from more diseases than ever before from diseases that once killed thousands.

And it should be noted that vaccinations are not only very safe but effective.

After long and careful review, scientists, doctors and healthcare professionals all agree that the disease-prevention benefits of getting vaccines are much greater than the possible side effects of the act of getting a vaccines.

Immunization also helps protect others that you love, like babies, those with severe allergies, or those with weakened immune systems.

To help keep these important people safe, it is vital to keep you and your family fully immunized to keep them safe as well as prevent spreading any diseases.

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The poll also found much support for making New York’s property tax cap, permanent.

“Making permanent the property tax cap has strong support from every party and every region,” Steven Greenberg, Siena pollster stated in a news release.

The poll found that sixty percent of Republicans and independents favor a permanent cap, along with 58 percent of Democrats.

A permanent tax cap is a must for this year’s budget and the state Senate already passed a bill on the issue, according to Gov. Andres Cuomo.

The Assembly has yet to act.

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If you or someone you know is interested in getting vaccinated but is not able to financially do so “…The Vaccines for Children program is a federally funded program that provides vaccines at no cost to children from low-income families.”

You can learn more about the VFC program here or ask your health care professional.

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