These new over water bungalows in Jamaica are what sweet vacation dreams are made of

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Do you love the idea of a tropical beach vacation, but hate the thought of sharing your slice of paradise with mobs of fellow travelers?

Sandals has you covered.

The company recently announced a new line-up of individual over water bungalows that come complete with spacious accommodations, dazzling views and (obviously) boat service to the main resort.

Did we mention it’s also all inclusive?

Image via Sandals

Get your best Instagram captions ready, as other amenities include a private infinity pool, glass-bottom floors and a hammock hanging over the clear, brilliant turquoise water.

Image via Sandals

Oh, and a personal butler is included in the package because, at that point, why would it not be?

Sandals Royal Caribbean is now accepting reservations, which will likely sell like hot cakes.

Image via Sandals

Unfortunately, the spectacular suites aren’t exactly budget friendly — staying at one of the heavenly properties, which are located in Montego Bay, Jamaica, will set you back about $4,000 per night.

Talk about lifestyles of the rich and famous.

Until a cheaper option appears, the rest of us plebeians can merely gaze upon them wistfully.


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