5 compact cube homes that will make you want to downsize

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Compact cube homes are all the rage.

But these model pre-made housing systems are showing homeowners that sometimes less is more.

1. Nomad Micro Homes pride themselves on being eco-friendly. Created by a Canadian company, these compact cubes are shipped and assembled for less than $30k. The 10 x 10 feet homes all come with a living area, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

That’s a lot of living space in a tiny cube.

2. Minihome offers earth conscious homeowners more variety. All four options of Minihomes are equipped to help reduce your environmental footprint. The smallest Minihome is about 480 square feet and the largest is 966 square feet.

3. The Loftcube was designed by German architect Werner Aisslinger. He wanted to create a space for ‘urban nomads’. With the Loftcube, you can take your modern home with you on the road. Your one room home will let you enjoy 360 degree views of whatever landscape you choose.

4. The M-ch was created by researchers in London and is based off the design of Japanese teahouses. Its mission statement: “less is more”. These micro homes can be integrated into any landscape — on top of skyscrapers or within forests. They can even be grouped together to create a larger village of tiny homes.

5. Weehouses are a type of compact cube were designed by Alchemy. They offer customization of the exterior and interior for the homes. The prices vary depending on how many rooms you want and the location of where you want to build.

Fun fact: a Weehouse used to be based in times square.

So if you’re looking to downsize — it might be worth checking out some of these options.

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