Male escort makes thousands, admits “my family [doesn’t] even know”

Whether it’s a living at a resort in the Maldives or re-enacting 50 Shades of Grey in an office — one man reveals his dream life, and he gets paid thousands to do it.

The professional requested to be nameless when speaking with LADbible, claiming he has always been “a bit of a ladies’ man.”

“I started three years ago,” he said. “I’ve always loved women and adventure. I was just online and thought: “why don’t I give it a try” and meet some women. I put my picture and bio online and two weeks later had my first client.

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“In a good month I can make £10,000 ($13,138) – the minimum is about £4,000 ($5,255.)”

“Only one friend knows what I do. I have a regular job as well so it’s not something I would tell anyone. My family [doesn’t] even know – which can be hard to hide sometimes.”

Women reach out to his profile through the escort site, Gentlemen4Hire, exchanging messages with pictures of the client along with suggestions of what they want to do on their date.

“I’ve slept with around 100 women during my time as an escort. The strangest request that I’ve gone through with was a high flying business woman who wanted me to go to her office dressed as a personal trainer. She wanted a ‘50 Shades Of Grey experience’ in her office. That was really fun.”

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But there are few things he says he will not do.

“One guy got in touch with me and said he wanted me to have sex with his wife while he sniffed my shoes and my feet. He insisted quite a few times but at the end I had to block him because I really wasn’t into it.”

“There are people who get pleasure from seeing their wives or girlfriends with another man. There are a lot of them, actually. I know people might think there’s something weird about it and I wouldn’t like that.”

And over the past three years, he now has a number of “regulars” who fly him out to the some of the best hotels in exotic countries.

“I’ve pretty much been all around the world. The thing is that when you have clients who become regulars – we are talking about very wealthy clients – you almost become their boyfriend. I’ve been almost everywhere in America, Argentina, everywhere in Europe.”

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“You go for weddings, parties…I’ve been sailing in Crete for two weeks. Literally all around the world.”

“The most fun date I’ve ever had was in the Maldives. We went to an amazing resort for 10 days and had lots of fun. In Vegas we went for a helicopter ride around the Grand Canyon for a whole day, I’d never done anything like that in my life.”

“These are really wealthy women and sometimes you just think, wow. And you get paid on top of that. It’s a power trip and that’s why at some point it would be very difficult to quit. You just get used to it.”

But he shares how it is not just about sex.

“That’s a common misconception. The majority don’t want you for sex, they want you to be their date for a party or a wedding and yes, sometimes I do sleep with them but it’s different from men – who do generally hire an escort just for sex.”

As he started work as an escort, he admits that he has not met anyone who he could see a future with but also says he can’t continue on with his life forever.

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“Women have asked me to quit the business and go out with them. They’ve offered me cars and things and to be their boyfriend, but I just can’t do it as I’m not attached to that person.”

“I will do it for as long as I enjoy it, once I find it boring and it loses its excitement, I will quit. It’s not happened so far but it will one day. I’ve spoken to a few other escorts and they said that at some point you either find a partner or you just get bored with it all.”

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