After horrific New Zealand mosque massacre, biker gangs stands guard outside

Following the Christchurch shootings, bikers have since taken a vow to stand guard outside New Zealand mosques as Muslims took part in their first Friday prayer since the tragic events.

The Mongrel, King Cobra and The Black Power gangs have all promised to both support and protect their local Muslim communities across the country after 50 people were killed and 50 injured in the attack on March 15.

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President Sonny Fatu, Waikato Mongrel Mob president, offered to shield the Jamia Masjid Mosque in Hamilton.

“We will support and assist our Muslim brothers and sisters for however long they need us,” Fatu shared with Stuff, a New Zealand news outlet.

He went on to share how The Mongrel Mob were contacted by representatives, sharing how the Muslim community was fearful about their upcoming Friday prayers.

“The question was posed whether we could be a part of the safety net for them to allow them to pray in peace without fear. Of course we would do that, there was no question about that and we will be dressed appropriately.” Fatu said.

“We will not be armed. We are peacefully securing the inner gated perimeter, with other community members, to allow them to feel at ease.”

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Head of the Waikato Muslim Association, Dr. Asad Mohsin, said he appreciated the support received from “different sections of society, different interests and dispositions.”

“It all gives us strength to overcome the grief we are undergoing.” Dr. Asad Mohsin continued.

“We would welcome them to come into the mosque and pray with us. They are part of us as we are part of them.”

“Islam is inclusive, free of judgement – we don’t see gang members, as we see them.”

“We value them as humans and we appreciate that they value us too.”

“There are no fears, and we are not scared. They don’t have to stand outside the mosque, they can come inside, right behind where the sermon is given.”

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Dr. Mohsin shared with the New Zealand Herald.

King Cobra gang members have also paid their respects to senior members of the Al-Masjid Al-Jamie mosque in Ponsonby.

Other Mongrel Mob chapters have given their support throughout the country, including the Aotearoa branch who gave their respects at Hagley College school in Christschurch.

Allegedly, there has even been gangs patrolling a mosque in Sydney.

But they are not the only ones who have shown their support to the fallen victims.

New Zealand women have been dawning headscarves to show their solidarity with the Muslim community after the harrowing attacks.

The tribute follows 50 people who were killed at two mosques in Christchurch.

A group of close to 5,000 gathered in silently last week for prayer as well as a two-minute silence.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern led the group at Hagley Park in front of the Al Noor mosque.

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“New Zealand mourns with you. We are one,” she said in a short speech, followed by two minutes of silence.

Robyn Molony, 65, was with her group of friend who wore headscarves at Hagley Park — a place where they walked daily.

“We are wearing headscarves showing our support, love and solidarity, and hope that by everybody doing this it will demonstrate to Muslim women that they are one with us,” she said.

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