Woman barely escapes death after injecting fruit smoothie into veins

Zeng, a woman from the Hunan province in the south of China, reportedly blended a smoothie of about 20 different kinds of fruit — then put the mixture into a drip.

The 51-year-old was into “unconventional health treatments,” and decided this one was an odd method she wanted to try, according to the South China Morning Post.

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And while fruit may have some nutrients inside them — it does not mean you need to inject juice directly into your veins.

At first — she did not have any adverse reactions.

That was until her arm began to itch and she developed a fever.

Feng attempted to keep it a secret but her husband saw how she was in distress and was able to convince her to go to the hospital.

Doctors were appalled at her condition once she was admitted.

Doctor Liu Jianxiu shared with the Xiaoxiang Morning Herald how she had developed an infection in her liver, kidney as well as heart — and was additionally at risk of multiple organ failure.

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Thankfully, the hospital staff stabilized the 51-year-old after putting her on dialysis (removing excessive water from kidneys) as well as giving her antibiotics and anti-clotting medicine.

Zeng said: “I had thought fresh fruits were very nutritious and it would not do me harm by injecting them into my body.

“I had no idea that would get me into such trouble.”

Recently on Reddit — someone asked the internet if they should push Gatorade into their veins and the responses were on point, pun intended.

One person replied with:

“Considering you’re probably not sterilizing it, nor the puncture site, you’d likely end up with a real nasty infection. Everything that isn’t sterilized is crawling with bacteria, and you’ve just given them a free pass into your blood stream, past your first and best line of defense, your skin.”

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While another said:

“I did some research and apparently, nothing would really happen. Blood sugar would be affected, but it wouldn’t be very noticeable in just small amounts.”

But if you are looking for a more in depth answer, user Megs2435 summed it up, saying:

“In this case it would probably react to the gigantic rush of direct blood sugar, it would be irritated by the fact that Gatorade isn’t isotonic or isoionic (it has the wrong ratios of salts because it’s not saline), it has all sorts of weird chemicals in the flavorings and possibly the food coloring. This much irritation would damage nearby cells and cause inflammation. That causes a chain reaction of… pain. Bad stuff. As the fruit punch Gatorade is diluted, your kidneys would filter out most of the b*llsh*t. It would probably be bad for your organs… in general really.”

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“You wouldn’t die unless you injected an air bubble or something (pulmonary embolism for the win). Well, I assume not – I’m not a doctor, nor an unethical and mentally unstable medical researcher.”

“If you did too much, though, you might dilute your blood and not be able to get proper flow of oxygen throughout your body.”

….all that to say: folks, please do not inject anything (especially any fruity liquids, as tempting as they may be) into yourself without a medical professional’s clearance.

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