Nanny posts pictures of boss’s 3-month-old to internet in horrific scam

A woman named Emily had a three-month-old son named Blake — and like most busy parents, Emily had a nanny.

The nanny’s name was Ashley — a young and energetic woman who held amazing credentials and was a natural among children.

Pictured: Ashley

Emily was so happy to have found Ashley, and was even more ecstatic when she learned Ashley was pregnant.

After a few weeks and months went by — Ashley’s pregnancy seemed to go on without any issues — she did not have morning sickness, aches or pains.

Ashley would frequently show off her ultrasound photographs to Emily and would even make phone calls to her doctor while she in the room with her.

Emily was worried that Ashley did not let her pregnancy affect her work ethic, and made sure Ashley walk straight home one day after her shift in fear of her over-doing it.

Pictured: Emily

But as she watched her nanny walk home, she noticed something odd.

As Emily watched Ashley walk down the path, she saw the nanny pull out a pillow from underneath her shirt.

Emily was naturally confused — not being able to believe that she would make up such an elaborate lie.

At that moment, Emily started to recall all her interactions with Ashley.

Since Ashley began looking after Blake — she had told Emily these epic stories about her life and experiences.


Emily assumed they were true, then realizing they were too ornate to be based in reality.

The more Emily though about Ashley, Emily began to be suspicious of the woman who was taking care of her son.

To help ease her suspicions, Emily decided to search the web in hopes she would find something to quell the uneasy feelings she had.

While Emily searched the internet, she stumbled upon a Facebook page that was set up by Ashley that talked about her “daughter,” Cheyenne.

In the comments section on the page, she posted about her daughter having a heart condition and needing a life-changing operation to survive.


She requested donations through the page — and it was then that Emily began to fear the worst, as she knew Ashley did not have a daughter named Cheyenne.

While Ashley had not used close-up photos of “Cheyenne,” Emily was able to get a good look at her “daughter,” — realizing it was her son, Blake.

While Emily did not know how much money Ashley had extorted from others, she knew it was up to her to stop it.

She quickly fired Ashley and even filed a restraining order after discovering Ashley had been pretending that Blake was her child for the past year.

Since being fired from her nanny position, Ashley has attempted to scam a handful of others. She even appeared on Dr.Phil to address her issues.


During the interview, Ashley admitted how she had created at least eight different children over the course of her lies — stealing photographs from other mothers to make the lies seem believable.

She had even lied about birthing stillborn babies, having miscarriage or her kids passing away as young toddlers.

She is currently being investigated by the authorities.

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