Woman invested $30,000 in plastic surgery to emulate Meghan Markle exactly

It is not surprising to hear how Meghan Markle has inspired leagues of women across the world.

But for one woman, it wasn’t Meghan Markle’s outfits or words that moved her — but her face.

Xochytl Greer recently forked over $30,000 on plastic surgery to emulate Meghan Markle herself.

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The mother of three works as an attorney in Houston, Texas.

ABC’s Nightline watched Greer as she went under the knife last November and the attorney recently sat down with ET to talk about how life changed since bearing a strong resemblance to Markle.

Greer first became a Markle fan after seeing her on the show, Suits.

“I really liked her character, Rachel Zane. I thought that she was a strong woman…She came off very wholesome, very conservative,” she shares, saying how her admiration for the actress only grew after she started to date Prince Harry.

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“She’s like our very own American princess, right? So I love that,” Greer says. “I love that she gets to portray America and kind of represent America into this royalty now! I enjoyed it because it thrust her into the spotlight even more.”

Greer feels she can relate to the Duchess of Sussex as the two have not only both been divorced, but they also are both biracial — Markle being half white, half black, and Greer being half white, half Hispanic.

Additionally, Greer admits to having her own “family issues,” and also studying law.

Pictured: Greer prior to surgery
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“I’m an attorney… I find that very relatable and commonality with Meghan. And I know she’s not an attorney, she’s an actress, and now the Duchess of Sussex. So, it’s not really her, individually, but it’s a character that she plays,” Greer shares. “But it’s something that I can draw more commonality to and feel closer to her about.”

To appear more like Markle on the outside — Greer decided to do plastic surgery.

Fat grafts were put into her cheeks as well as buttocks while liposuction was performed on her abdomen as well as her inner and outer thighs.

She additionally had filler put into her jawline as well as in her lips and under her eyes, while having a nose job.

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“Once all the bruising went away and the swelling went down, I looked in the mirror and I just felt happy again,” Greer shared.

Many have criticized Greer for her bold choices.

“I was at first getting some very nasty messages telling me I look nothing like her, that I should be asking the doctors for refunds. I deleted those comments and made myself private and kind of moved on,” she explained.

But Greer’s 2-year-old daughter cannot tell the difference between her mother and Meghan Markle.

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“She’s like, ‘It’s mommy on TV! It’s mommy!’ and I’m like, ‘Nope, that’s not mommy.'”

Greer, 36, says that while the surgery helped her feel more confident after her divorce — she says she has her eyes set on finding love on a reality show.

“I did apply for Married at First Sight,” she went on. “I actually had a friend who was like, ‘I’m going to put your name in the hat for Bachelorette.’ Would I do it? I don’t know.” 

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Greer says if she ever got the chance, she would tell Markle “Thank you.”

“One thing I’d like to say is just, ‘Thank you for being authentic, thank you for being who you are and being authentic, and not trying to be who the media wants you to be, or who anybody else wants you to be,'” the lawyer says. “‘Thank you for representing America well…thank you for just being you.'”

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