Woman weighing 657 lbs. is now unrecognizable after Gastric bypass surgery

All her life, Amber Rachdi has lived in Troutdale, Oregon, and by the time she was 24-years-old, she weighed in at an astounding 657 pounds.

Doctors had frequently shared with Amber how if she did not make some serious lifestyle changes — she would lose her life before her 30s.

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And while Amber wanted to change, she felt she would not be strong enough to do so.

That is when Amber first signed up for My 600-lb. Life — finally ready to launch into a new phase of life.

At this point, she would be surrounded by professionals who would help her along her way to change.

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Amber also began to release videos and snaps of her time working on herself — on the journey to lose 420 pounds.

Rewind to when Amber was just 22 — to the moment where she was not living but just surviving.

She was not able to do the things most young adults do, having difficulties with everyday activities — only leaving the house to go to the grocery store.

Amber along with many other stars of My 600-lb. Life credit Dr. Younan Nowzaradan for a huge part in their weight loss transformation.

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The Iranian surgeon is credited for his “no-nonsense” approach to weight loss.

He also tells patients that surgery is not a quick fix when it comes to their obesity issues and often refuses to perform the procedures unless his patients follow a strict diet plan and make a bigger lifestyle changes.

At first, Amber was both concerned and skeptical about becoming the woman she wanted to be. She talked about how poorly she thought about herself as well as her quality of life — making it clear she needed change to help her shift into a healthier mindset.

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“I wish I could be self-sufficient and successful and show the world I am made of so much more, but as long as I am big, as long as I am obese, I will never be able to be that person,” she said.

Gastric bypass surgery played a big part in Amber’s weight loss but that doesn’t mean it is a cure-all according to Amber.

When asked if she believes in the long term success of the procedure, she answered no.

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Amber has since made a handful of lifestyle changes — continuing to work out at the gym regularly while eating healthy meals.

No longer stuck at home, she is now enrolled in college and has a job.

Therapy has also played a huge part in Amber’s life, as she learned to deal with her anxiety — managing her eating habits.

And while keeping the weight off is not easy, Amber is determined to commit to her new lifestyle.

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Amber has since become a celebrity after her episode of My 600-lb Life, gaining thousands of followers who were inspired by her transformation and positivity.

She now shares her words of encouragement with her Instagram and Facebook fans — where she talks about her weight loss journey, posting her progress for those who want to follow in her footsteps.

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