Swearing and drinking during your work out session? Welcome to Rage Yoga

It is easy to admit how most of us usually have one or two things we are mad about.

Be it at our jobs, with our families or friends — or maybe at something in our country (insert Trump joke here.)

So what if you could swear, drink and have a semi-therapy session while doing yoga to relieve some of that tension?

Now you can, with Rage Yoga.

Rage yoga was founded by Lindsay Istace and is described as “alternative yoga for the modern badass.”

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Where do I sign up?

“Some people need to release and let go. We are all angry about something and we all have been holding onto an ‘F’-bomb for a little bit too long,” says instructor Ashley Duzich.

This is not the first time Yoga has been paired with something else more fun than actually doing yoga.

There has been yoga with your cats, small goats, wine, glow in the dark and yoga in a very hot room that makes you sweat out all the toxins in your body.

But rage yoga stands out among the crowd.

The theory behind rage yoga is to help people detox mentally while making bold, physical stances.

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Oh, and then washing it all down with a brewski because alcohol helps, people.

There are quite a few videos posted to Rage Yoga’s Instagram which shows a few key moves in a routine, with one being the “straightjacketasana.”

“That standing wide legged wiggly bit is something I like to call “straightjacketasana”! It’s awesome for loosening up the lower back, hips, and legs. It’s also good for when you just need a f*cking hug!”

And I think everyone agrees how sometimes, you just need a f*ucking hug!

But before you get excited, we should tell you there are only a few places you can get involved in rage yoga.

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Of those places, Calgary and Edmonton in Canada, and Houston, Texas, are the only spots as of now you can let your rage flag fly (besides taking an online course, which unless the screen freezes up, I’m sure takes away from the heat.)

Duzich shares how she has witnessed many outbursts during class, where one of the rage quotes was “I told you to do the dishes.”

Each and every Rage Yoga instructor is required to complete a unique certification program along with 200 hours of yoga instructor certification.

But my question is — what is the drink limit for rage yoga? Is the goal to get black out drunk while doing yoga? If so, that could take Rage level to a whole new level. Like, bring-in-a-therpaist level.

And more importantly, how do you keep it zen while screaming about how you do not like your mom’s new boyfriend?

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We are not completely sure as we have yet to attend a rage yoga class but it seems to come highly recommended by those who have posted their thoughts about it.

Especially if your mom’s boyfriend missed your birthday and his name rhythms with ‘rave.’

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