After rescuing his cat with his work equipment, Verizon suspends worker

A Verizon employee by the name of Maurice German was working in Port Richmond, Pennslyvania, when he answered the call of nearby neighbors about their cat Princess Momma.

The cat had been stuck on a telephone pole for 12 entire hours.

Image via GoFundMe

But while the cat received her happy ending, the same cannot be said about German — who later received a job suspension for his heroic rescue.

The cat owners were beyond upset and alleged they had contacted the animal rescue, the fire department and other organizations for help but none were a success.

That is, until German stepped up to the wire (quite literally) and rescued the cat.

Image via Amanda Boyce

Video footage was taken from CBS Philly reporter, Steve Lindsay, of German rescuing the cat with his company equipment.

But Verizon did not approve of the rescue — prompting the internet to support German in more ways than one.

Amanda Fairchild Boyce had noticed her neighbor’s cat trapped on a telephone pole.

Bryce shared with CBS how the cat got stuck at around 10:30 p.m. on a Friday.

And while she and her neighbors attempted to rescue the cat themselves first, they then decided they needed additional help.

Sandy McLeish, one of Boyce’s neighbors who is also an animal activist, was the one to locate the Verizon worker — who then agreed to help them rescue the cat.

The community was overwhelmed by German’s kind act but Verizon was not pleased that the worker had allegedly put himself and those around him in danger — eventually suspending him.

“We take no joy in this job action,” Rich Young, Verizon spokesperson said. “However, we’re committed and responsible for keeping our employees and customers safe while working in a particular area.”

Boyce blasted the company in an online post in response to Verizon suspending him, asking folks to spread the word of his generosity across the internet.

Image via Amanda Boyce

German’s story quickly went viral and a witness from the rescue created a GoFundMe page to support him, saying:

“This generous man is now being punished! Maurice is being suspend from his job for saving an animal. Let’s support Maurice for his good deed while his employer punishes him!”

Some folks event went as far as to comment how they would be cancelling their services with Verizon, saying:

“Verizon can’t take the heat! Just wait! Should have continued the donations. Now we will cancel our service to prove [our] point. We have voices and we don’t like negative greedy corporations that [punish] good people that [help] others and animals! Consider my service cancelled!”

Image via Wikimedia Commons

While other prompted suggestions:

“So glad Maurice German was able AND WILLING to help rescue an animal in need, especially a man made hazard. Why not call it an impromptu training exercise and take advantage of positive publicity, #Verizon? It was a TELEPHONE pole, not electric utility pole, so lower risk. You lost a goodwill opportunity and gained bad publicity internationally. #badcommunication Cats SHOULD NOT lose weight quickly OR go without eating for too long because they can easily develop fatty liver disease. Those willing to rescue cats in trees, etc, are or can be registered on the free directory, search Cat In Tree Rescue. Expert info there on rescue safety too. A huge thank you to everyone helping those in need!”

The donations have since exceeded the goal and Maurice has accepted the funds, let us hope Verizon takes notice!

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