Your dream of ‘The Sandlot’ becoming a TV series with original cast is coming true

David Mickey Evans, The Sandlot director, recently appeared on the Rain Delay podcast to announce that “he has sold a pitch for a television series sequel to the original movie that will bring all the original cast members back,” according to Slashfilm.

You’ve got to be kidding me, smalls.

If you have yet to see the cult-classic 1993 film, The Sandlot centers around a group of kids who come together over baseball with a few adventures along the way.

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The coming of age tale introduces the Beast, a terrifying next door neighbor dog, along with Wendy Peffercorn, every 12-year-old-boy’s dream girl —- followed by plenty of shenanigans, as you would expect.

If in fact the entire cast does return, that would include Tom Guiry as Scotty Smalls, Mike Vitar as Benny “The Jet,” Rodriguez, Patrick Renna as “Ham” Porter, Chauncey Leopardi as “Squints,” and Marty York as “Yeah-Yeah.”

It is unclear if James Earl Jones will reprise his role as Mr. Mertle.

Allegedly, TheSandlot series has already been picked up by an unnamed streaming service, Evans revealed.

While The Sandlot did not do well in the box office — making only $33.8 million — it eventually picked up traction thanks to home video, followed by two sequels, 2005’s The Sandlot 2 and 2007’s The Sandlot: Heading Home, with a prequel in the works.

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And while we are not sure when exactly the series is being released, we do have a few fun facts for you in the meantime about The Sandlot you probably didn’t know…

The original title was The Boys of Summer

The film’s name had to be changed due to there already being a famous baseball book by the name of the same title.

The story line was partly autobiographical

The first film was partly inspired by a childhood experience co-writer/director David Mickey Evan’s brother had. A few older boys refused to let Evans play baseball with him but after they lost a ball over a brick wall, he believed he would get on their good side by retrieving it back for him. But after he hopped the wall, he found a huge dog named Hercules awaiting him and he was bitten.

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The movie was shot fast

It was said to be shot in only 42 days.

The chewing tobacco was made of licorice and bacon bits

In the carnival scene where the boys chew tobacco, it was actually made out of licorice and bacon bits. And that concoction combined with riding the carnival rides for many, many takes, did in fact make the actors actually sick. The vomit was concocted of split pea soup, baked beans, oatmeal, water and gelatin. If you ever want the recipe…’

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The beast was actually part-puppet

The English Mastiff (aka The Beast) was actually played partly by a puppet, which took two people to operate.

A few scenes with the Beast did require a real dog and at the very end, they were able to have the dog lick his face by smearing baby food on one half of Tom Guiry’s face.

“That scene where I’m looking to the side, the other half of me is just slathered in this baby goo. That dog had a field day on my face,” Guiry shared with Time. “I’m a dog-lover though, so it didn’t really bother me.”

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