Diet Prosecco is now a thing that exists

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Brunchers of the world, rejoice — mimosas are about to get a h*ll of a lot healthier.

Casa Gancia, a sparkling wine producer based in Piedmont, Italy, is currently rolling out a new product called Gancia Leggero, a “light” prosecco that only has 65 calories per glass.

Gancia Leggero, which means “light” in Italian, also has 75 percent less sugar than your garden variety prosecco.

Yes, you read that right — no more sugar head aches!

However, just because Gancia Leggero has less calories doesn’t mean it’s watered down — the diet beverage still clocks in at 11.5% alcohol.

Unfortunately, Americans will have to wait for quite some time to get their hands on these guilt-free bubbles.

Gancia Leggero will only be available at select London pubswith a larger U.K. rollout expected later this year.

If you’re itching to try it sooner, we suggest looking up flight prices.

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