This stick claims to exfoliate and eliminate “calluses” in your vagina

People have been made to feel bad for their natural vaginas for centuries, but Jamu Stick is taking it to a whole new level by advertising a product that can get rid of “vaginal calluses.”

In a Facebook post that has since been deleted — one company advertised a “biological exfoliation of the callus inside of the vagina,” a.k.a the Jamu Stick.

Image via Jamu Stick

“Jamu Stick will cleanse and tighten the vagina, reduce discharge, eliminates unwanted odors, re-balance vaginal pH levels, and increase sex libido.” the company shared in a post to Twitter.

The Jamu stick allegedly sheds the dead skin cells, balances the vaginal micro-flora, increases sensitivity and also helps with the odor as well as consistency of vaginal secretions.

But if you have a vagina — than you probably know by now how they do not get calluses from use and they definitely do not need to be exfoliated.

Image via Twitter

That being said, sex education in America is not fantastic — so to all of you who believed Jamu Stick actually may be a good thing — stop right there and put that hard-earned money back in your pocket.

Allegedly, Jamu Stick is concocted from a secret herbal recipe that has been “passed down from generation to generation” by Indonesian women to “maintain intimate purity and love for their husbands.”


Of the ingredients listed, white pomegranate is one of them — and adding anything sugary like fruit in your vagina can cause yeast infections.

In addition, camphor and tongkat ali (both listed ingredients in the stick) are both toxic internally.

Image via Twitter

But it should be noted however that there is some evidence that tongkat ali can improve sexual function — but only in ahem, male animals.

The website shares how all you need to do is insert the stick in your vagina for a minimum of 30 seconds, as “..this gives enough time for the herbs stimulating hormone balance and strengthens the flabby or insensitive vaginal muscles.”

Additionally, it claims that you are able to notice tightening immediately after the first use and boasts how “it is a holistic alternative to many pelvic toning devices because it is handmade and made of natural materials rather than plastic.”

They also claim that if you use the product every 3 to 4 days, the tightening is permanent and using the stick at this rate is highly recommended if you truly want a “happy marriage and happy sexual life.”

Image via Twitter

Jamu Stick has since removed its Facebook presence but the site is still up as well as its Twitter page.

Folks were quick to call out the company, saying:

“You should be sued for even offering a product that promises to eliminate natural & necessary functions of a sexual organ. Shame on you!”

“Is this a secret account for yeast medicine sellers? Cause this is a nice way to get one.”

“It does exactly none of those things. This is irresponsible and dangerous.”

“Unbelievable! No wonder so many women have health issues. Products like this are on the market. Want a healthy vagina, use protection when you have sex.”

“Does anyone with female sex organs work at this company?”

…I am going to take that as a whopping “no.”

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