Resort allows guests to get up close and personal with wolves

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It’s not every day that you get to (or necessarily want to) play with a pack of wolves like cuddly puppies, but thanks to a new resort in Norway, you can.

Wolf Lodge, a luxurious resort that’s a part of Norway’s Polar Park in Narvik, allows guests to mix and mingle with gray wolves that roam freely on their large enclosure.

While this may sound a bit terrifying, the lodge’s wolves are highly accustomed to being around humans and can be quite playful, according to The Telegraph.

Gray wolves in Norway are almost extinct and seven out of approximately 30 gray wolves in the entire country live on the lodge’s enclosure.

And the resort sanctuary’s animal manager Stig Sletten hopes the lodge will help change the negative perception the animals have with the public.

“After people meet our wolves, they leave with a different view,” Stig told The Telegraph.

This one-of-a-kind experience doesn’t come cheap though, it costs about about $1,180 a night for 2 guests.

But being able to brag to your friends about kissing a wolf will be absolutely priceless!

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