Transgender man now identifies himself as an Agender Alien

A 33-year-old who was born a woman prior to transitioning into a man has recently revealed that they believe they do not belong to any gender and is an alien.

The Washington-native is currently a barber’s shop receptionist and first transitioned when they were 29-years-old.

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Jareth, has a total of 78 stars across their body and has also shaven off their eyebrows for a “out of this world” look.

Jareth named himself after the character played by David Bowie in the 1986 musical fantasy, Labryinth, according to the Mirror.

“I don’t think or feel like humans. I can’t really explain it to others – I’m simply otherworldly.”

“I didn’t feel comfortable as either gender or even anything in between. I know I’m stuck in a human form and that’s how I’m perceived by others – but to me, I’m an alien with no gender,” they added.

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Jareth shares how they started to think this when they were diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) at the age of 26.

EDS is a rare condition where a group of disorders leaves the skin fragile while affecting connective tissues supporting a number of organs and tissues.

Jareth was coined “Mr. Elastic” by their doctors as a result of the disorder.

“The condition means I can pop my joints out on purpose, which was a fun party trick when I was a kid.”

EDS has no known cure.

Jareth said after their diagnosis, they began to think they were different compared to others.

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Throughout Jareth’s teen years, Jareth was a “hyper-feminine female,” who would model frequently.

But after turning 29, Jareth came out as a transgender male.

Jareth began to take testosterone injections and had surgery to remove their breasts.

But despite transitioning from female to male, Jareth was still coming to grips with their gender identity.

“I thought being a trans man would solve all of my issues and inner battles with finding out who I was, but I wasn’t as happy as I expected to be,” they said.

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“I felt like I was trying to fit into someone else’s box. I didn’t want to be constrained – that’s when I discovered what agender was.”

Agender is defined as “without gender” or being gender-less.

“I’d always been obsessed with aliens, too, and what it means to be extraterrestrial, so the idea of being an agender alien fit perfectly as an identity for me,” they continued.

Their new agender look includes wearing lots of neon and pastel colors as well as Japenese pop culture influenced clothing.

Jareth explained:

“I don’t have nipples, as I had them removed during my top trans surgery. I shave off my eyebrows and have lip, septum and nose bridge piercings.”

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While they are happy with their decision to be an alien, Jareth shared how not everyone has been accepting.

Jareth’s family did support them transitioning from female to male but they are having a difficult time accepting their choice to become an alien.

“I have online friends who support me but offline is harder.”

“Not everyone understands – but that’s okay. I don’t expect them to get it, I only want acceptance,” they added.

Jareth added how he has also faced backlash online about their choice to lead their life as an alien.

“People treat me like a freak because I’m an alien, but it’s a completely valid thing to call yourself,” Jareth said.

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“Who is anyone to tell you who you can or can’t be? If someone wants to identify as anything, even an animal, let them.”

“I feel sorry for people who attack me online. I think they lack empathy and just want to target me, so I deal with it pretty well by brushing it off.”

“I’m happy with who I am and will continue to become more alien-like every day.” Jareth continued.

As Lady Gaga herself so famously put it: baby, I was born this way.

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