The actual cost to make Kanye West’s merchandise will shock you

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Kanye West holds a record at Madison Square Garden for the most merchandise sales in a single night.

West racked in $780,000, breaking Pope Francis’ record of selling $540,000 at the same venue.

With drawn-out lines for West’s shirts at all his tour stops, it’s no wonder what a fortune the musician is making off merchandise.

Prices at Kanye West’s ‘The Life of Pablo’ Pop-Up Shop in New York City were as follows:

Hoodies, $95
Shirts, $45
Hats, $40
Beanies, $35

Buyers may be shocked to compare these retail prices to West’s very low production costs.

West’s shirts and hoodies have his lyrics in gothic lettering printed on Gildan shirts.

You may recognize Gildan being use at your local screen printing shop. That’s because Gildan shirts can cost as low as $1.50 if bought at wholesale.

Highsnobiety did the math and estimated that the retail price of West’s merch

His hoodies are a 5.8x mark-up of their landed cost, while his shirts are a 8.5x mark-up.

Kanye announced he made $1 million in 2 days, at his New York pop-up shop.

While your pockets may not be as deep as Kanye’s, you can at least look like him.

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