Airbnb is giving a way a night in the Louvre along with private show for free

What if right now, you had a million dollars in your bank account?

And what if you could do anything you wanted?

Would you quit your job? Take exquisite vacations? Maybe go on a shopping spree?

While all of these scenarios are likely with the right amount of moola — there is one experience that no amount of money can purchase — which is a night at the Pyramid du Louvre.

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It is an experience that no one has had — yet.

“Airbnb is partnering with the Musée du Louvre to celebrate 30 years of its iconic Pyramid. You will discover the museum like never before, through unexpected experiences. Through this partnership, we are giving a winner and their guest the opportunity to sleep beneath the Pyramid, for one night only. But the magic doesn’t stop there. In addition to this unforgettable night, a series of exclusive visits and intimate gigs will be bookable on Airbnb.” the website states.

Until now — a night at the museum was near impossible but thanks to Airbnb, they are offering this amazing experience at no cost to you.

The stay will be on April 30th, where guests will be greeted by a historian who will invite them on a private tour.

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Only presidents and the world’s most famous people have had this privilege.

After the tour is finished, the museum will offer them a drink beside the iconic Mona Lisa painting.

The guests will then be serenaded by French music on vinyl while relaxing — then moving onto a “Dinner with Venus.”

“Sit down to dinner with the Venus of Milo. Your personal chef will prepare a colorful menu inspired by love and beauty, in honor of this divine goddess.” Airbnb states.

But that is not all!

At the end of the meal, there will be a private acoustic concert in Napoleon’s chambers.

And last but not least, the guests will sleep inside the glass pyramid and in the morning, they will be served a Parisian breakfast in bed.

Airbnb even has a cheeky little blurb about your host (aka Mona Lisa herself,) saying:

“You’ve probably heard of me. People say I’m mysterious, but the truth is I’m very friendly. So if you’re the lucky winner, I’ll be delighted to welcome you to my home. I see crowds of visitors every day but the real magic happens when the lights go out.”

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To sign up for the contest, you can visit Airbnb’s website, as well as fill out a form that asks the question: “Why would you be the Mona Lisa’s perfect guest?”

But even if you do not win, Airbnb has some good news…

“Airbnb’s partnership with the Louvre can be experienced by more than the winner and their guest of the contest; from May until the end of the year, a series of exclusive Experiences at the museum will be bookable on Airbnb.”

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The exclusive experiences feature music as well as insider stories of the Louvre.

“Starting in May, the Café Richelieu in the Louvre will be home to a series of intimate Airbnb Concerts, performed by emerging French artists….Starting in September, discover the Louvre behind closed doors, as an Airbnb host guides you through the museum sharing stories and insider knowledge.”

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