Police pull over man with 250-pound pig in driver’s seat

An officer in Minnesota recently pulled over a car to discover a 250-pound pig in the driver’s seat.

And as you can imagine, he had a question or two for the driver.

Sgt. Jason Foster was busy patrolling in Chisago County when he noticed a distracted driver.

Image via flickr

While he looked in the window, he was shocked to notice a pig in the driver’s lap and an even smaller pig next to the driver’s seat Foster shared with KMSP-TV.

Both pigs were pets and Foster quickly pulled out his phone to snap a photo of the odd picture.

“It’s right up there in the top 10 of the crazy things we see,” Foster shared.

The smaller pig can be seen standing next to the driver’s seat, while the larger pig sits on his human-dad’s lap.

Image via Twitter

The owner explained to Foster how he was in the middle of moving to another part of the state and was afraid his pet pigs may get cold during the trip.

And while the pigs were most definitely a surprise for Foster, it is recommended when traveling with pets by car to secure them in a well-ventilated crate or carrier.

But thankfully, Foster let the owner off with a warning — reminding the pig-owner that driving with animals unsecured could be very dangerous.

“Having a pig on your lap … now that was a first — even for us,” Foster later posted to Twitter.

Image via pexels

Folks were quick to comment on the adorable culprits, saying:

“Omgosh love the pig…but he needs his own seat!”

“Doesn’t everyone in Minnesota drive around with a pig on their laps? What’s so odd about that? LOL In Wyoming we actually let the pig drive!”

“Another driver hogging the road…”

But that is not the first time police and pigs have had a run-in..

Officer Chad Webster of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department runs The Bacon Response Team, a group that spreads joy by offering pig-tastic company.

“How many times do you see a pig on a leash? That’s an instant ice breaker,” says Webster.

Image via Instagram

The 44-year-old father of four started the non-profit less than a year ago, visiting schools, the cancer ward at the hospital and community events with pigs to spread joy.

The program also helps both children and adults feel more comfortable around police.

The former patrol officer and domestic violence detective currently works as an officer/pig-wrangler.

Image via Instagram

“It’s just a done deal once the pig comes out. It took me two months to convince my wife to agree to get a pig, but now she and everyone else are totally on board.”

After the family brought home their very own American mini pig named Sarge, the breeder called the family to say he had seen what Webster was doing and shared how he had a special needs pig that needed a home.

“He said the pig’s leg didn’t work right,” says Webster. “My wife went to see him and of course she came home with him.”

The pigs are currently in training to become officially certified therapy pigs.

And while they are not busy studying their tails off, they can be found on their very own Instagram account.

Image via Instagram

Webster dawns his uniform when he and the pigs are out and about — with Sarge walking on a harness and Frank in his very own stroller.

The odd combination is the source of many laughs and jokes.

“It’s a pig with a pig,” says Webster. “I get that and I take that head-on!”

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