SWAT team rescues three, sickly un-vaccinated children from neglectful parents

After parents of three un-vaccinated children refused to take their sickly son to the hospital, police with weapons drawn broke into the couple’s home and ordered their three children into the custody of the Department of Child Safety.

Sarah Beck, an Arizona woman, took her two-year old son to Southwest College of Naturpothatic Medicine this past February.

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It was there that she learned he had a temperature of 105 and needed to be taken to the emergency room.

In a report by the Chandler Police Department, it stated that doctor at the clinic believed the boy might be suffering from a “life-threatening” illness that was not able to be tested at the clinic.

Beck was worried that if she took her son to the hospital he would face “possible repercussions” as he was un-vaccinated.

Police then kicked down the family’s door after both Sarah Beck and her husband, Brooks Bryce, refused to let them into the house.

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Authorities then found two other children “in their bedroom, which was covered in stains of unknown origin,” and displaying signs of sickness.

Then, the three children were taken to the hospital prior to being placed in forest care.

A lawyer for the Beck and Bryce said that the way the children had been removed “…was clearly unnecessary and well beyond ‘reasonable force’” as well as arguing how Beck “…has a fundamental, constitutionally-protected right to the care, custody, and management of her children. These rights do not evaporate simply because the Department of Child Safety believes they know better.”

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In the police report it noted how “the children advised us they had vomited several times in their beds, and had stains around their mouths,” as the home was in “total disarray” to the point where clutter “made it difficult to walk in the rooms,” while an unsecured shotgun was discovered leaning up against a wall close to the parents’ bed.

The Department of Child Safety issued a statement, saying how they could not comment on specific cases but calling the incident standard practice — saying:

“Two years ago, the DCS supported a law to require DCS specialists to obtain a court order prior to removing a child from their home, and a recently passed amendment gave law enforcement agencies assisting DCS authority to ‘use reasonable force’ to enter any building in which the person named in the removal authorization is or is reasonably believed to be.”

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“Since the laws took effect, DCS specialists have been obtaining court orders in child removals and seeking assistance from law enforcement agencies when necessary to ensure the safety of a child.”

Folks were quick to comment on how they felt about the police breaking down the door, saying:

“The parents should be charged with child abuse and attempted murder of a minor.”

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“If the only way to get parents to send their child to get vaccinated or get a doctor check up [is] when they have a dangerous fever is by literally swatting their house, then so be it. I’ll gladly pay police raid taxes and even donate if it’ll make sure that a child doesn’t die at the hands of stupidity.”

“Those anti-vaxxer parents should be put in jail. The kids need medical care and deserve better treatment. Cheers for the Arizona police. All anti-vaxxers should feel ashamed of their stupidity.”

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