This dog swipes human items for the cutest reason

In November, Kevin’s family gave him up to the Austin Animal Center and the sweet dog has called it home since.

But recently, the 4-year-old Lab mix was moved from out of the kennels and into some of the offices due to space issues.

Image via Austin Animal Center

And suddenly — and also, very mysteriously — items began to disappear around the office space.

It was not long before the humans who ran the office realized that Kevin the dog enjoyed the act of stealing.

So why exactly would the golden lab go around swiping folk’s stuff?

This would happen when someone in the office left their stuff unattended, while the office dog would sneak over to their stuff and take his pick of what he wanted from the lot.

Image via Austin Animal Center

He would then later lounge on it — feeling very good about himself, sitting on his pile of wares.

“It started a few weeks ago when the staff members who share an office with Kevin noticed he was acquiring human items,” a staff member at Austin Animal Center, Jennifer Olohan, shared with The Dodo.

“All kinds of things! Definitely clothing, he’s stolen loose change, a purse, a boxed sandwich (he didn’t eat it, just took it). He carries them to his bed and creates a little nest of his treasures.”

And while Kevin does not appear guilty for his bad habit — everyone soon realized why he did it in the first place.

Image via Austin Animal Center

“Our guess is that it makes him feel closer to the people he spends his days with,” Olohan said. “He doesn’t steal when someone is with him, only once they leave, and maybe he’s feeling lonely. So he’ll take a shirt that smells like the person he misses.”

After losing his family and having zero idea when the next one will come along and take him back to his forever home — it makes sense why he stole the items….and also why he has difficulty giving them back.

“Kevin isn’t a fan of people trying to take his treasures,” Olohan said. “He will guard his items, so when he’s taken out for a walk is the best opportunity for staff to get their things back.”

Kevin adores being around people and is a social butterfly. Aside from his stealing habit — he is a usual Lab who loves to go on walks, play with toys and cuddle up with other people he loves.

Image via Austin Animal Center

On Kevin’s wish list for his next family, he would love to share a forever home with another animal to play with (cat or dog) and keep him company.

But mostly, Kevin is looking for a family to love him, quirks and all.

It is believed that Kevin’s stealing habit will go away once he feels safe and secure in his new home.

“I’d suggest a fairly tidy family, so that Kevin isn’t able to steal too many things,” Olohan shared.

If you’re interested in adopting Kevin, you can contact the Austin Animal Center for more information. 

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