Wife pulls epic April Fool’s Day prank, orders 6 months of Amazon packages for husband

One woman’s epic April Fools’ Day prank went viral with two videos that both had thousands upon thousands of views on Facebook.

The Green Bay, Wisconsin, native Maureen Pritchard spent six months saving Amazon boxes for one, epic prank.

On April first, Pritchard stacked up dozens of empty Amazon boxes outside of her house — just in time of her husband, Rob, to come home.

Image via Facebook

In a video posted to her Facebook page, Pritchard films from inside her home as Rob pulls up to his car.

He can be seen getting out, looking shocked, and gesturing to his wife inside to come out.

After he walks into the house — a second video reveals his reaction.

Rob quietly shakes his head and walks away — looking stunned by the sheer number of boxes.

“I’ve been planning an April Fools joke to play on Rob for MONTHS!!” Pritchard said in a Facebook post. “I got him good! I wish I would have continued to record right away when he came in the house. When he saw me recording out the window I thought he realized that it was a joke, but when he came inside he kept asking, ‘What IS all that?!?’ I had to explain that it was 6 months of saved boxes, from us, my parents and my sister!”

Image via Facebook

Pritchard continued, saying:

“Anyone need any boxes?!? You have no idea how many people slowed down or stopped in front of our house all day today!”

Folks adored the post, commenting:

“Priceless. I should do the same but ours are still filled with his items and stacked in our living room. OMG.”

“I think the long pause turning into the driveway Said it all lol”

“Bravo from North Carolina! Had one of the boxes been for a giant TV I bet his reaction would have been different. You guys clearly have a great relationship.”

Image via Facebook

“What would have been funnier, if porch pirates showed up and tried to steal some of the boxes. But good joke though!”

“I was trying so hard not to laugh in the video – but when he came to a dead stop at the end of the driveway!”

But was not the only epic April Fool’s Day prank pulled this year….

The Dodo recently shared a Twitter post of one man and his dog — but the image was photo-shopped to make the man’s pet look to be 450-pounds.

Christopher Cline and his normal sized dog, Juji, have their own Instagram account which is littered with hilarious photos of him and his pup.

Image via Instagram

Recently, Cline reached out to his fans in regards to both his and Juji’s snaps.

“Over the last 2 days I have acquired a significant amount of followers asking if my account is real or photo-shop. Asking if Juji is actually 450 pounds. Asking if I realize that a dog that large is impossible. So let’s set the record straight because I can’t answer each and every comment, direct message, and email without officially pulling out ALL MY HAIR!”

Image via Instagram

“Juji is a dog. An awesome dog!!! 100 pounds of fluff and love. He is a Goldendoodle (F1-B). He is 4 years old. He is not 10 feet tall. He’s 3’1″. He does not know how to drive a car or a lawn mower. He can’t do a kickflip on a skateboard or steer a sled in the winter. He’s never been to Mars or captained a sea-fairing vessel, let alone piloted an airplane. His inside parts are not machinery (that one is funny) and his outside parts are not a combination of polar bear and nuclear fallout.”

Image via Instagram

“He does not ride bikes, fight squirrels with a sword or cause my canoe to tip over from his weight. He’s a dog. Not your average dog, but a dog nonetheless. With a very creative dog-dad. We create fantastical photos together because…its just our thing. It’s fun.”

To see more antics of the pair, you can click here.

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