Millionaire seeks gamemaker to create live action battle royale on private island

One anonymous millionaire is advertising online for someone to help make their very own battle-royale inspired dream come true.

For those who are not familiar, Battle-Royale is a film that is centered around the future — where the Japanese government captures a class of 9th graders who are sent to a deserted island under the “Battle Royale” act.

They each are given a map, food and a few weapons while an explosive collar is fitted around their neck.

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Why the collar you ask? If they break a rule, the collar explodes.

Extreme, but bear with me.

The mission of each person is to kill each other and be the last one alive — as the remaining survivor will be allowed to leave the island.

The massive event consisting of 100 contestants will be set on a private island over the course of three days with 12 hours of competition each day.

And while there was no mention of “explosive collars,” you have to wonder the “why” behind the concept to be brought to life in the first place.

This millionaire is currently in search of a “talented gamemaker” who can have a hand in designing the arena where the battle royale event will take place.

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The last person “standing” will win a prize around a total $130,000.

Contestants will be given Airsoft guns, ammo, along with touch-sensitive body armor for the event.

The competitors are then expected to camp for the night with food, camping gear, as well as all necessary equipment provided.

The advertisement for the job appears on Hush Hush, a website which can be described as the “Amazon of luxury marketplace” and a shop “for millionaires.”

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The gamemaker will make roughly $2,000 per day for six weeks — which is not bad at all if you ask me.

The job description reads as follows:

“Battle royale games have become incredibly popular over the last few years ago and our customer is a huge fan who wants to make the game a reality in the safest way possible. If the championship is a success this year, it’s something he wants to make an annual event moving forward, which is very exciting!”

“If you’re a fan of last-person-standing movies and games, it’ll be a great opportunity to have a once in a lifetime experience and earn a significant amount of money. However, to get there, our concierge team needs some help to make it a reality. The first thing we need is a talented gamemaker to help us make the event as realistic as possible.”

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This is not the first time an eccentric billionaire has invested his funds into something a bit unorthodox.

Larry Ellison, Oracle founder, is the proud owner of the Hawaiian island of Lanai — purchased for $300 million according to CNBC.

His island consists of 90,000 acres, two Four Seasons resorts and a town with a population of 3,200.

Oh, and should you stay at any one of those resorts, it will cost you $21,000 a night.

But who knows? Maybe a neighboring island will have a battle royale arena available to book…

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