Angelina Jolie “look-alike” bottle feeds her demon baby in horrifying video

Remember the Angelina Jolie “lookalike” Sahar Tabar -?

The Iranian teenager who has previously claimed to have had multiple plastic surgeries – just returned to social media with a jarring Instagram clip.

Image via Instagram

The clip shows Sahar rocking a swaddled “demon baby” in her arms and feeding it with a bottle and singing to it in a very off-key tone of voice.

The pink-haired Sahar then kisses the “baby” on its cheek before she shrieks in a high pitch voice.

Sahar’s fans were aware of her producing bizarre content but many continued to be weirded out by her most recent post.

Image via Instagram

Sahar first became known after posting grotesque pictures of herself online which reveal her face to be grey — claiming in the captions how she has had “50 plastic surgeries” to look just like Oscar winning Angelina Jolie.

Later, she admitted that the horrifying photos were doctored with Photoshop as part of a stunt.

And while Sahar has actually had work done, the amount of surgeries was not anywhere near the 50 she had originally claimed to have.

Sarhar also came clean and admitted to fibbing about her bit about the dramatic weight loss.

Image via Instagram

After the news went viral, Sahar revealed to Sputnik:

“This is photoshop and makeup. Every time I publish a photo, I paint my face in an increasingly funny way. It is a way of expressing yourself, a kind of art. My fans know that this is not my real face.”

And in regards to the online criticism of her photographs — Sahar said:

“For me the most important thing in life is the approval of my family and God. This approval is enough for me. The opinion of other people does not bother me at all. I release negative opinions.”

Image via Instagram

So on the subject of being scared…why do people enjoy the sensation in the first place?

There is actually a natural high that happens when we are afraid (aka the flight or fight response), according to The Atlantic.

And there is now strong evidence that obliging fear is not a personal choice but apart of our brain chemistry.

Image via U.S. Army

New research from David Zald reveals how people differ when it comes to their chemical response to thrilling situations.

Dopamine is one of the main hormones that is released during scary activities and it turns out, some individuals may get more of a kick from this response than others do.

Zald describes some folk’s brains lacking “brakes” on the dopamine release and re-uptake in the brain — which means some people are going to truly enjoy thrilling, scary and risky situations, while others — not at all.

Image via pxhere

Many people enjoy terrifying situations because it leaves them with a sense of confidence after it is over, a solid boost to your self-esteem.

But self-scaring is not everyone’s cup of tea.

The chemicals that are released during fight or flight can build strong memories or “flashbulb memories” and if at a young age you were exposed to something traumatic, certain scares may trigger this old fear.

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