Epic video reveals dog saving puppy from speeding car

A viral video has been circulating on the internet showing a small dog’s close call with a car in reverse.

The wandering pup along with the owner behind the wheel had no idea that they both were in trouble — thankfully, there was a hero in the mix who did take notice.

In only a few seconds, a border collie realized what was going to happen and saved the puppy.

The video does not have much more information about the dogs but folks were stunned by the border collie’s instincts, saying:

“I don’t think that was play or coincidental. Looks to be an intentional act. Wow!”

“Put a cape on that border collie!”

“They say border collies are sharp dogs. I can believe it now. Incredible.”

“Humanity should take notes.”

While other folks shared their experience with Border Collies, saying:

“Our Border Collie (Ruffy) saved our cats life (Sadie) when a poodle grabbed the cat on the street and started to maul her our Border Collie leapt over the front yard fence and at full speed hit the poodle with his chest…the cat flung out of the poodle mouth and by this time my Dad had charged out of the yard and grabbed the cat and our Collie….Sadie and Ruffy were fine and lived a full life she passed away at 18 and Ruffy a year later at age 19.”

Image via pxhere

“Border Collies protect their own kind, better than most human beings protect their kids. Scottish dogs, Border Collies in particular & Collies of all flavors are simply SMARTER than any other mammal. Amazed with this dog; watched clip 35 times & still gives me chills. There is a creature that God loves as much (maybe more lately) as He does humans…..it’s called a D-O-G.”

“I had a Border Collie once. Extremely intelligent, the claims are absolutely true. In fact, the dog practically trained himself. But he also got into a lot of mischief when he was bored, that part is true too. He escaped my secured yard nearly on a daily basis. Border Collies are not for everyone. I would even say not for 90% of dog owners.”

Image via Wikimedia Commons

“Super smart! I have one very sweet and very naughty too! Cause they are smart. Lol! Their hair is as soft as a rabbit he gets a lot of petting. And sheds plenty too. This dogs are beautiful but need to be kept busy long walks, play with them. Very protective of me. Don’t get a border collie if you are not ready or lack time to dedicate to this super wonderful beautiful breed.”

According to Hills Pet, the Border Collie breed is “highly intelligent, learns quickly and responds well to praise.”

Image via pexels

“Because of their herding instincts, they are protective of their family and territory and make excellent watchdogs. They will look out for the family kids. Although they get along well with children and other pets they are raised with, they can be reserved and sometimes snappish with strangers, nipping at the heels the same way they would nip at sheep if herding.”

I don’t know about you but I am sold! Come here Lassi!

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