Mother asked to leave movie theater with disabled son due to “disruptive giggling”

One Illinois mother was very upset after being kicked out of a movie theater due to her disabled son.

Allegedly, folks complained about her son to management and the family was quickly escorted out.

Jennifer Daly posted to Facebook after taking her two sons to see Dumbo at AMC Lake in the Hills, a suburb of Chicago.

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Of her two sons, one has a rare form of dwarfism — and Daly said it is a struggle to get him out anywhere.

“It’s not easy with Jonathan’s oxygen and feeding bag and just carrying him to be able to go and do this,” she posted.

The mother alleges that during the film, her 3-year-old son giggled twice “no longer than 20 seconds each.”

But 10 minutes later, a staff member told her that somebody had complained about a crying baby.

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“I looked at her and said he did not cry, he giggled twice,” the mother posted. “I was told I immediately have to pack up to leave.”

Daly shared how she was “mortified” by the incident.

“Never in my life have I ever been kicked out of anything, especially if I had done nothing wrong,” she posted. “I was at the top back of the theater to try and stay out of anyone’s way.”

Daly said that she cried as the family exited the theater.

“I don’t understand why I am being kicked out,” she went on. “Someone’s cell phone was going off for over a minute, someone else was holding their phone up with their light on to video-record the movie, someone else was talking and I am being kicked out? Are you serious?”

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After arguing with the staff, the mother was told she could go back into the film and sit in the front row but Daly shared how Jonathan cannot turn his head due to cervical spine issues.

She was then informed she could sit over to the side but the mother did not decide to take the offer and instead, received a refund.

According to the Facebook post, an apologetic staff member gave the mother details so she could find another time to see the movie.

“Jonathan is the sweetest child, does not have a mean bone in his body,” she posted. “I am so sad and angry because somebody can be that cruel and get a child kicked out for something that was not warranted.”

Daly felt the need to share her story, hoping it would not not happen to another family.

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“I don’t know if I will ever feel like I could go to the movies again because I won’t be able to enjoy myself if my son laughs [knowing] that I might get kicked out,” she shared.

Corporate communications director, Ryan Noonan, shared with WGN 9 how the manager received a number of complaints about an “ongoing disruption.”

“To ensure a quality movie-going experience for everyone, disruptive behavior is not permitted during a movie,” he said in a statement.

Noonan also shared how Daly was given a refund and staff additionally offered her the opportunity to view the film in a private screening or during their sensory-friendly movie program.

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