Woman finds out she’s pregnant by using her iPhone’s camera app

One woman was beyond shocked when she found she was having a baby.

How did she discover this?

An iPhone camera.

Earlier in the year, Charlotte Dubard, 24, was going throughout her day when she suddenly felt a series of abdominal pain.

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She was not able to determine what was wrong so she used her iPhone to take a video and was shocked to see baby’s hair sprouting from between her legs.

Charlotte, who works as a waitress, had zero idea she was with child.

And while she did put on close to 11 lbs as well as developed a sugar craving, Charlotte remained a size 8-10 and continued to have periods despite having the contraceptive pill.

Charlotte, unknowingly pregnant, drank, smoked and worked 14 hour days in nine months time.

Charlotte then recalled the moment when she began to have stomach pains, saying:

“One evening, I started to get cramps but they were really quite mild – milder than my usual period pains. Then the next day they continued and they kept coming and going in waves which I now realise were my contractions.”

Charlotte relied on her instinct, going through labor and giving birth in the bathtub alone and with zero painkillers.

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She was able to find a pair of nail scissors and cut the umbilical cord before calling her boyfriend, Miguel Angel, of nearly three years.

The 28-year-old came home from work but had a hard time wrapping his head around the fact that the baby belonged to he and Charlotte.

The waitress went on to explain:

“When Miguel came home, he screamed ‘Oh my god you found a baby in the street!’ I started bawling and said ‘This is ours’. He was in shock. Neither of us could believe it was ours.”

The couple then took the newborn, named Ellis, to the hospital where he was put in intensive care.

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Charlotte was understandably in shock after the experience, admitting it took her some time to process what had just happened.

“It was only once we got to the hospital that I really registered what had happened. I was so traumatised from the birth I had barely registered Elias at all. But then when we were waiting for the doctor, Miguel said ‘Look he has your nose’ and that’s when I suddenly realised he was ours.” the 24-year-old shared.

While she was taking the pill, Charlotte admitted how there were a few times she had forgotten to take it around the time Elias was presumably conceived.

Charlotte continued, saying:

“I call him my miracle baby because he is so healthy after all I put him through. Also, so many things could have gone wrong with me giving birth alone but it all went remarkably smoothly.”

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While they welcomed a new family member, Charlotte was cautious to tell her mother about Elias right away.

“I waited until the next day and she was so shocked. But my family have been so supportive, they’re very strict Catholics and they see Elias as a miracle. My grandmother says he is a little angel.” Charlotte said.

The 6 lbs 8 oz baby was thankfully, very healthy and happy.

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Charlotte’s mom has since set up a GoFundMe to help raise money for the new parents.

You can click here to donate.

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