Dog gets rescued by oil rig workers after swimming in water 130 miles from shore

While men at an oil drilling platform in Thailand were working, they noticed that something odd was happening in the water below them.

A little puppy had been swimming — 130 miles from shore to be exact — and ended up close by the worker’s drilling station.

Image via BoredPanda

An employee by the name of Vitisak Payalaw quickly took out his camera and recorded what he was seeing.

In Payalaw’s Facebook post, they saw the dog’s head while he was swimming towards the platform.

Image via BoredPanda

Thankfully, the waves were calm and small — otherwise, the crew may not have been able to see him.

Workers attempted to think of a way to rescue the pup but they also were racing against the clock as the waves began to grow bigger and bigger.

Finally, the crew decided to tie a rope around him and pull him in.

When the dog clung to the pole, he did not make any noise and was absolutely exhausted — according to Payalaw.

Image via BoredPanda

People believed the dog may had fallen from a fishing trawler or leapt out of a vessel where he encountered abuse.

The puppy has since been given the appropriate supplements and is now feeling a whole heck of a lot better.

While he stayed on the drilling platform for two days — a special cage was constructed to help move him.

Image via BoredPanda

He was then taken to vets in Songklha, southern Thailand where they plan to conduct further tests to ensure everything is okay with the pup’s health.

One of the oil rig workers has shared how he would like to adopt the pup if his owner does not come through.

Image via BoredPanda

The worker added how he is already looking forward to spending many years together with him.

The puppy was given the name Boonrod — which in Thai is defined as “making a spiritual donation for good luck in the future.”

Commenters were overwhelmed with the video, thanking the men for saving the sweet pups life, saying:

“God bless you. You’re a good man with a good soul. You will be rewarded in heaven.”

“So happy to know he’s safe.”

“You are all heroes, thank you for showing compassion and saving this dog!”

In similar news, Manchester, New Hampshire police are currently looking for the owner of a dog who was rescued by an officer earlier this week.

The police posted to Facebook, saying:

“Around 5:30 a.m. Thursday morning, April 24, 2019 Manchester Officer Eric Cooper responded to the area of River Road and Webster Streets for a dog running loose in the roadway. Officer Cooper found the dog near Cloyde Street, but the dog avoided him and ran toward the Youth Detention Center on River Road.”

Image via Facebook

“The dog ended up running into a field and got stuck in a pond on the detention center property. With the help of other officers, Cooper was able to use a dog pole to get the animal out of the water.”

“The dog is brindle in color and possibly a pitbull or corso mix. No tags were on the dog and the animal was taken to the Manchester Animal Shelter, so if you are the owner of this dog, please contact the Manchester Police Department and reference MPD Case # 19-5628.”

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