Woman secretly tweets out photo of doctor, raises issues about consent

A Twitter user by the name of @purplegoddess recently tweeted out a picture of her “fine as s***” dermatologist without his consent.

She eventually deleted the tweet — but not before it went viral.

When @purplegoddess initially posted the tweet, a lot of women commented on how attractive the doctor is.

Image via Twitter

But not everyone believed her behavior to be acceptable.

Quite a few people pointed out that @purplegoddess was objectifying the man and that this could be seen as a form of sexual harassment.

But @purplegoddess did not apologize for her tweet — deciding to then post another with the doctor’s name and other details.

She has not deleted the latter tweet since the time of this piece.

Image via Twitter

But for many, making the man’s contact info readily available for the internet to view was going too far.

But @purplegoddess had done what she had set out to do and the doctor went viral.

“My first reaction was just pure anxiety. I am a very low key individual so when I first heard that I was trending on Twitter I was kind of freaking out, like “oh my god what is happening.” I started getting texts from friends all over the country, some of whom I hadn’t spoken to in years, telling me that I’m the top post on Twitter.” Dr. Imran Aslam speaking to Bored Panda.

But after the initial wave of panic passed, Dr. Aslam said he thought it was funny.

Image via Instagram

“Once the anxiety settled though, and I realized that most people were receiving my picture favorably, I started to find the whole situation pretty funny. The comments on Twitter were hilarious, people were posting all sort of ridiculous things and the picture just kept getting liked. I think it got over 20,000 likes or something. It was crazy.”

He also addressed the societal double standard, saying:

“Regarding the discussion of sexual harassment and double standards: I thought that the Reddit discussion was quite interesting and that many individuals made excellent points. By definition, many of the comments on my picture would be considered a form of sexual harassment, and I can totally understand how people consider this to be a double standard in light of the #metoo movement. And that if those same comments were made about a woman there would an uproar.”

Image via Instagram

He also acknowledged that he was aware of his own “male privilege.”

“From my perspective, I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the fact that I never felt that I was a “victim”. As I reflect more on this sentiment I realize the reason for this is undoubtedly because of my “male privilege.” I have had the privilege of never once feeling threatened or intimated by a womanin a sexual manner, I have had the privilege of never being catcalled, and I have had the privilege of never experiencing what it’s like to be followed home by a stranger that was a woman. It is because of these liberties that we enjoy as males that I think the sexual harassment discussion may have to be interpreted differently in my situation.”

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