After disagreement over length of bridesmaid dresses, bride calls out “snobby” friend

One bride-to-be stirred up some bad blood between herself an a bridesmaid after sharing photos of a maroon, above-the-knee dresses as inspiration for her bridesmaids.

While the bridesmaids were picking out their own dresses that fit with the wedding’s color scheme, one bridesmaid replied to the photos:

“Longer is more appropriate. We’re not going to a BBQ. I know you don’t want to be super fancy but I think it would be look better in photos and look more wedding appropriate.”

Image via Facebook

Aaaaand that is when the bride decided to air her complaints along with photos of the dresses to Facebook.

“Can I shame my bridesmaid for dissing these dress options and being snobby about it?” she wrote.

“The wedding is at a park in Florida in early October, so pretty casual, and she wants everyone to wear long dresses because it’s ‘more wedding appropriate.'”

The kicker?

Her bridesmaid was also a member of the same Facebook group where she shared screenshots of her text messages with the bride….ooph.

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“So I’m here to shame myself as my best friend’s bridesmaid from hell because I’ve been on her case about what kind of dresses she wants us to wear for her wedding,” the bridesmaid wrote. “She’s told me she doesn’t care as long as we’re comfortable and within her color scheme—last night I asked for picture references of dresses to go off of.”

The bride reminded the bridesmaid how it was ultimately “not up to you”.

And at the end of the text exchange, the two decided that whatever the bride wanted was okay.

“I’ll probably just stick to one of the ones you sent,” the bridesmaid texted to the bride. “I’ll send you a picture and buy it.”

“Alright, that sounds good. Love you,” the bride then texted.

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But as to why the bride shared in a Facebook group they both were members of? We are not sure why but it sounds like a friendship on the outs if you ask me.

Those in the group shared their views on the sticky situation, saying:

“You literally asked for her opinion and then got mad and shamed her on a group for giving her opinion,” one member wrote, while another said: “Imagine putting your own friend and bridesmaid on blast in front of thousands of people WHERE SHE CAN SEE IT.”

The stress is palpable, folks.

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According to researchers at the USC Marshall School of Business, de-stressing is as simple as talking to someone who understands your situation.

But even better?

Talking to someone who is just as stressed as you.

Researchers in the study then asked 52 female undergraduate students to chat in groups of two about how they felt about giving an upcoming speech that they were each assigned.

The researchers then measured the levels of stress hormone (cortisol) in their bodies before, during and after the speeches.

Image via pixabay

And it was found that talking it out actually does help!

So while you may not be planning a wedding or at odds with your best friend/bridesmaid, de-stressing from escalating situations is always a good idea.

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