Cat goes berserk with room full of toilet paper in viral footage

In December of 2014, a couple returned home from another city and discovered a nearby box.

When they opened it, they were surprised to find a small kitten inside, meowing and opening its eyes.

They quickly adopted the kitty and it became apart of the family.

This kitty’s name? Pusic.

Little Pusic eventually was able to get better and was given his name shortly after.

Pusic is a smart, curious and strong cat who adores his family and has no problem showing just how much he loves them by licking their faces and hugging them while standing on his hind legs.

Image via YouTube

The couple then decided to share a video of all the hugs and kisses from Pusic and he soon became an internet sensation — with both his photos and videos boasting over 100 million views on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

And while Pusic lives in an apartment — his family does sometimes puts him on a leash and takes him outside for a walk if the weather is good.

“We’re constantly making new toys for him and he is always interested in them,” the couple said. “He also has a younger human ‘brother’ who was born in December 2016. They play together and it is a lot of fun for both of them.”

“We found out about Pusiс’s passion for toilet paper when he was little,” his owners shared with Bored Panda.

Image via YouTube

“He liked playing with it but we didn’t really encourage him as we try to keep our home in order and he already had many toys. However, we recently decided to let him remember his youth and gave him all the toilet paper he could wish for. Not small pieces, rather cover our entire room in it and try to catch his reaction.”

Image via YouTube

“Since we have a small child at our home, we had to be fast. We started ‘decorating’ the room while the child was sleeping during the day and managed to get everything done in a couple of hours before he woke up.”

“In total, Pusic spent about 30 minutes in the room,” they said. “At first, he didn’t know what to think of it and you could see it on video. He then started looking for something under the paper as all cats like to do, slowly walking around.”

And then, the fun started.

The video of the cat playing was captioned: “Using 100 rolls of toilet paper, you can transform a room beyond recognition. Maybe you don’t know that cats like the sound of toilet paper, but what should they do if it is everywhere – on the wall, on the floor and on the ceiling. A brain blast for them! They are unpredictable!”

After their child woke up and Pusic was all done playing — the family packed up and let in some fresh air.

“Afterwards, Pusic had been sleeping like a rock until the evening, he had spent a lot of energy on all of this.”

Image via YouTube

“It’s important to find time for your pets and let them enjoy life,” the couple continued. “To them, your attention and efforts are priceless.”

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