This 12-year-old set up his own business and is now the UK’s “youngest accountant”

Ranveer Singh Sandhu decided at a young age that his dream job was to work in accounts.

And while most 12-year-old couldn’t say they dream of wanting the same thing — Ranveer had no fear about his goals and met them quicker than most — earning the title UK’s “youngest accountant.”

When he was just 12-years-old, Ranveer set up his first company while working towards an online accountancy course for six months, in addition to his regular schoolwork load.

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Ranveer set up his business Digital Accounts after getting his certificate in June 2016.

He then went on to launch his company, Ranveer Singh Sandhu.

Ranveer even created his own software so his clients could have a visual track of their finances.

With three years and counting, the youngin’ already has 10 clients — who he helps with business advice and management of their finances.

And after giving it some thought, he has even found a niche market in young, aspiring entrepreneurs much like himself.

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Ranveer, who lives in England, says he does pay himself a small salary but leaves the majority of money he does make in his account to cover any outgoings.

Ranveer has goals to become a millionaire and retire by the ole’ age of 25 — he has even inspired his friends to follow his path alongside him.

Ranveer, who has no plans to go to college, said:

“My friends first found it a bit unusual and then they said they wanted to do something similar and start up their own business.”

Ranveer says that he uses all of his free time to run his business and usually works from either his parents’ house or their work — where he has his own office set up.

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The now-15-year-old says that other young, aspiring-entrepreneurs can be just like him, saying:

“Do what you love, start your business early and make money.”

Feeling inspired yet?

While you may be past the age of 15, raising extremely successful kids like Ranveer is not as challenging as one may think.

According to multiple studies, teaching children to enjoy math and early on is one way to set them up for success.

And while reading to young kids is important, teaching them math skills is just as vital.

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In a study of 35,000 young children, early math skills translated into not only “future math achievement,” according to the co-author of the study, Greg Duncan of Northwestern University, but also “future reading achievement.”

Modeling good behavior is another sure fire way to spark drive in your children — in fact, according to a Harvard Business School study, kids that grow up with working moms have advantages over those who don’t.

“The study found daughters of working mothers went to school longer, were more likely to have a job in a supervisory role, and earned more money — 23 percent.” according to Gillett and Baer.

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In addition, teaching children to try and not worry about failing, teaching them how to develop good relationships, as well as demonstrating high educational standards, along with giving your children chores to complete are each linked to extremely successful future kids.

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