This homeless man is ecstatic when police reunite him with his pet rat

Chris and his pet, Lucy — who is a rat — happily reside on the streets of Sydney, Australia.

The two are inseparable and genuinely adore each other.

Image via NSW Police Force

“Almost every day since I started my job in the city Chris and his pet rat Lucy have sat in the same spot, Chris chatting to passersby and Lucy happily munching, sleeping and looking on,” Alyson Pearce posted to a GoFundMe page for Chris and Lucy. “They are a feature of Sydney city life and I have always smiled when I see them and felt glad they had each other.”

That is, until one day — to the dismay of Chris — when Lucy was nowhere to be found.

Chris had stepped away to use the bathroom on April 6th when a woman approached Chris’ belongings, picked up Lucy and walked away with the rat.

Image via pxhere

When Chris came back, he was beyond upset when he realized Lucy was gone and reported the incident to the police who quickly started the search for little Lucy.

The folks who saw both Chris and Lucy everyday began to ask questions — hoping that the police would be able to reunite the two best friends.

Chris even made a sign that said:

“My pet rat Lucy was stolen on Saturday. Lucy is black and white with a bit of brown.” 

Image via Alyson Pearce

And then, a week and a half later, officers brought Chris to the police station.

It was then that they were finally able to reunite the two.

It was discovered that the woman who took Lucy had seen her sitting alone and she believed that she had been abandoned and took her home to care for her.

And while it was just one big misunderstanding – everyone was relieved that no one was intentionally attempting to hurt Chris or Lucy.

The officers brought over Lucy in a box to Chris and as soon as she saw him — she attempted to climb out and get to him.

Image via NSW Police Force

Chris gently pick her up and checked her over to make sure she was his Lucy and was quickly overjoyed to see that it was in fact, her.

“That’s her,” Chris is recorded saying in a video of the reunion. “Yep, she remembers me!” 

After lots of kisses and cuddles, Chris thanked the officers and apologized to them for all the trouble they went through to look for Lucy.

But the officers were happy to help as seeing the two together brought them joy.

And after they said their thank yous as well as goodbyes, the officers then gave both Chris and Lucy a ride back in their police car.

Image via NSW Police Force

Since the two have been reunited, a GoFundMe has been set up for them so that Chris will be able to give Lucy everything that she needs.

The GoFundMe page now reads:

“The funds raised will go to support Chris and Lucy with accommodation and food and to a local charity that cares for the homeless community and their pets in Sydney. Thank you for caring.”

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