During arrest, police dog left with hundreds of porcupine spikes in mouth

Over Easter weekend, one police dog encountered a prickly situation when both he and his officer pursued a suspect.

The dog — whose name is Odin — along with his officer were tracking down a 29-year-old man wanted for a number of felony charges.

While the man fled on foot, both Odin and the officer were tracking him down — but Odin stumbled across a porcupine on the path.

Image via Odin & Raven Coos County Sheriff’s K9’s

Odin was unfortunately stuck by over 200 of the porcupine’s quills, mostly around his mouth, face and a few of his paws.

But thankfully – the pup was taken straight to Hanson-Meekins Animal Hospital in Coos Bay, Oregon — and will make a full recovery.

In the photo, Odin can be seen with hundreds of white quills stuck in his mouth, face, near his left eye as well as front paws.

Odin had to be sedated as well as be treated for over two hours by staff at the animal hospital.

Image via Odin & Raven Coos County Sheriff’s K9’s

In a statement on Facebook, Coos County Sheriff’s Office said:

“Coos County Sheriff K9 Odin was called to the scene to conduct a criminal apprehension track for the suspect. During a very long active track, Odin encounter [sic] a porcupine in the path, and was struck with over 200 quills. Several of the quills went inside Odin’s mouth and two near his left eye. The track was immediately suspended and Odin was rushed to the vet at Hansen-Meekins Animal Hospital where he was sedated and treated for over two hours on the night before Easter.”

Odin, along with his fellow K9 Raven, have their own Facebook page where police offers offered an update on the recovering doggo — writing:

“Odin is feeling much better today!!! Although he looks kinda like Rocky! The pictures don’t do the swelling justice. Thanks again for all the well wishes for this fur man!!!! He has had an amazing life and story. Odin captures his 80th direct suspect the day prior and when this happened he was closing in on suspect capture 81. The man he was looking for had several felony warrants and had committed new crimes also. Odin is an amazing partner and I feel honored to be a part of his team every time his paws hit the ground.”

Image via Odin & Raven Coos County Sheriff’s K9’s

In an update to the Facebook page, Odin and his parents recently announced he would need to get “fixed” in an update on his health.

“Just to keep everyone updated … I have a few quills my dad has noticed working their way out. He has pulled a few broken ones out and I may have an abscessed one in my left cheek. I also have a broken canine tooth which needs extracted. All that being said looks like I may be going back under some heavy meds on Wednesday to get things cleaned up. Just wanted you all to know. Mom and dad check me over every day and they say I have to get it fixed.”

In the interim — Odin was able to get some work done — capturing another suspect…

“Just got capture 82 of a burglary suspect!!!! No porcupines but some nice sticker bushes!!! Stay safe Coos County! thank you so much Coquille Tribal, and my Sheriffs Office co-workers, I couldn’t do my job without you!”

Image via Odin & Raven Coos County Sheriff’s K9’s

What a brave pup! The world is a better place with you in it, Odin!

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