Man who was clinically dead for 10 minutes reveals what he saw

There are many ideas as to what happens to us after we die as humans.

While some believe there is a bright, white light leading straight to the Good Place — others believe there is a fiery pit south of Heaven i.e. H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks.

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And some believe in reincarnation and/or nothingness.

One 21-year-old Redditor, who goes by username Luongscrim, was able to share his thoughts on the situation as he lived and breathed it — pun intended.

On the “ask me anything” thread via Reddit, Luongscrim explained how during a sudden cardiac arrest two years ago in 2017 — he experienced “clinical death.

And as you can imagine, the one question that continued to be asked by the internet was “what did you experience during the time that you were dead?”

But for Luonscrim, the answer was nothingness.

“There were no God(s), spirit(s), deceased loved ones, memories, thoughts, not even blackness. . . . Just nothingness.To say I experienced nothingness is an understatement, because it’s like it didn’t even happen. I was conscious one moment and the next I wasn’t. Then I was conscious again. It’s like several hours had passed that I wasn’t even aware of.”

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The man also says the disconnect from the experience was a lot like a scene being cut from a film.

“Like a cut is filmed, but it’s not in the movie. And my death happened, but it was like it wasn’t apart of me.” he continued.

However, although he didn’t experience any kind of afterlife, the 21-year-old still believes there could be something more.

And while he did not experience “life beyond life,” the 21-year-old still believes that there is something more.

“I believe that maybe I just wasn’t ready to experience or see the “after life.” Or maybe that human brains are incapable of comprehending and experiencing what “comes next.” Or maybe I believe that, because I have to, in order to go on with my life.” Luongscrim explained.

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After he recovered, Luongscrim went on to share how he had a different outlook on life — as the entire experience made him contemplate life, love, death and himself.

He says he was forced to see what is truly important in life and works everyday to value those things.

“I am not completely certain if I am afraid of death or the thought that nothing comes after death. I think I just value life, appreciate, and am a lot more grateful.” he added.

So when does death actually happen?

In a medical sense — it is when the heart stops beating and cuts off blood to the brain — meaning the brain’s functions also stop and can no longer keep the body alive.

The brain’s cerebral cortex —or the “thinking part” of the brain — will instantly slow down and and flatline.

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Flatline is defined as zero brainwaves are visible on an electric monitor, within 2 to 20 seconds.

Eventually, this results in the death of the brain.

According to science, that is.

But as you have read, miracles happen everyday…

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