Newlyweds’ severed head wedding cake disgusts and shocks guests

Ah, weddings.

With so many choices to make — it’s no wonder couples lose their heads.

….on their wedding cake.

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You read that right — one cake-baking couple decided to go with a horrific severed head wedding cake on their special day — and let’s just say they spared no detail.

The couples took their vows to heart, the cake featuring their very own severed heads lying next to the words, “Til Death Do Us Part.”

And while the cake was very creative to say the least — many people were understandably grossed out and the picture was quickly posted to the Facebook group, That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming.

Image via Instagram

Created by Dave and Natalie of the Sideserf Cake Studio in Texas, the cake received more positivity on their Instagram account when they posted it last year.

The couple proudly shared their creation last Halloween, posting:

“Our severed head wedding CAKE! We (Dave and Natalie) were married just days before Halloween back in 2013. Happy anniversary and happy Halloween!”

The two are hosts for Food Network’s Texas Cake House.

Image via Instagram

The picture quickly went viral and many commenters described it as “amazing,” as well as “terrifying,” in the best way.

Others coined it “the most famous cake” on the internet.

The couple has a great sense of humor, recently posting about their relationship and its journey (no severed heads are pictured):

“Dave and I were married five years ago today. Here are a bunch of very blurry selfies from the past ten years of our relationship. I’d say we both agree we have given each other the most precious gift anyone can give another human ever in the world: the majority of our 20s.”

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So if that last quote has you in the market for something other than severed heads for your wedding — the couple also have baked cakes that look like Michael Scott, unicorns and dragons as well as very realistic looking mac n’cheese.

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The studio all started with Willie Nelson. Err, well, a cake-look alike of him I should say.

Sideserf Cake Studio was born in 2013, after artist Natalie Sideserf created a cake sculpture in the likeness of country music legend Willie Nelson. Photos of the cake were posted to the online news site Reddit where it was the first of many cakes to reach #1 on the front page. Since then, Natalie and Sideserf Cake Studio have been known for some of the most realistic – and surrealistic – cakes the world has ever seen.”

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“In 2016, husband Dave Sideserf left his job as a Director at a tech company to join Natalie in the kitchen. Having worked kitchen lines through college and continuing as a home cook afterward, the transition to baker was almost seamless.”

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“Together, Natalie and Dave work with customers all over central Texas to come up with unique flavor combinations and even more unique designs, creating not only stunning cakes but a truly memorable experience. Sideserf Cake Studio was also featured on two seasons of Food Network’s Texas Cake House, a program hosted by Natalie and Dave highlighting the process of crazy, elaborate cakes.”

Image via Instagram

To order a custom cake, you can click here for an online quote request form (central Texas only.)

And if you can’t snag a a cake but are still fascinated, you can watch the two’s videos on how they create their delicious creations here.

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