You can now sleep in a Airbnb “potato” for just $200 a night

In the middle of 400 acres of land in South Boise, Idaho, sits The Big Idaho Potato Hotel.

And while it is not actually made from potatoes, it is a 6-ton structure made up of steel, plaster and concrete — so this spud isn’t going anywhere.

Airbnb now boasts the root vegetable as a room for folks to sleep inside — so many’s (maybe yours included?) dreams can finally come true.

But the potato was not always a place to rest one’s head — but started out as a promotional tool for the Idaho Potato Commission.

Image via Airbnb

The potato had toured across the country on the back of a semi-truck to advertise the state’s most prominent crop.

Who knew the spud would grow up to be a home of its own?!

“I was a spokesperson that traveled with the potato on the truck for two seasons when it was new back in 2013 and 2014. The truck was only supposed to travel for a year but ended up traveling for eight before they upgraded to a new slightly smaller fiberglass version this year. So I knew it was my opportunity.” Kristie Wolfe shared with Bored Panda.

Image via Airbnb

The Idaho Potato Museum had thought about putting it on display but Wolfe wanted to transform it into something more captivating.

Wofle says she has had previous experience designing “unique vacation rentals,” for Airbnb including a treehouse she constructed in Hawaii as well as a “hobbit hole,” listed in Washington.

And when it comes to her own hometown, she adds, “I restored a fire lookout tower in the Idaho Panhandle.”

And besides the exterior, almost everything inside is Wolfe’s own creation:

Image via Airbnb

“I build everything. My mom and little sister were super helpful the last week big push to finish. I’m not hiring subcontractors and things like that. On this project, I did hire somebody to spray foam the walls inside of the potato.”

The project took a total of 30 days of straight work before it was completed.

If you are dreaming of spending a night inside this luxurious potato, it will cost you $200 a night plus $42 in taxes and fees.

The space is perfect for couples and stretches out a total of 336 square feet.

Despite the potato being set on a farm, the inside design is very minimalist, modern and chic.

Image via Airbnb

Wolfe did all of her own interior decorating as well as employed space-saving strategies that are common in tiny homes so that every essential design feature can fit.

And while the inside of the space is gorgeous, it should be noted however that as one is living in a potato — there is no kitchen.

So if you were planning to cook potatoes inside a potato, you are better opted to order in.

Image via Airbnb

Wolfe says she has been overwhelmed by the response.

“My other places are really beautiful and well this is a potato…I’ve been dying to get my hands on it for seven years, but I am a little Idaho/potato obsessed. I expected that this one might take a little bit longer to catch on than my other rentals because everybody has always wanted to stay in a treehouse or Hobbit Hole but nobody has ever thought of staying in a potato – I was so wrong!”

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