Daughter posts creepy footage of a “ghost” in her father’s room and it is eerie

One daughter has alleged how her father has been holding onto the feeling of something moving his sheets at night.

So like most would do — he decided to set up a camera.

And what they saw on the footage has horrified the family — and Reddit users are curious to know if it is real or staged.

“My dad has been feeling his sheets being messed with and someone sitting on his bed in the night so he set up a camera. This is what he saw,” Shyann Rachael, he daughter, shared on Reddit as well as Twitter. “I’m freaked [the f***] out. Look at the sheets lifting up and what comes out of the side of it.”

The footage reveals what appears to be a head-shaped figure creeping up to the father’s bed, playing with his sheets and then seemingly dissolving into the air.

Image via pexels

“Look really closely to the sheets lifting in the beginning on the left of the screen. That wasn’t him! He was dead asleep. And if you look really closely something shoots out of the sheet when it drops to the right and then disappears. It’s gray and kinda looks like a head!??” Shyann tweeted.

If you are wondering now if your house is haunted — it might be.

If there is an odd cold spot in your room, your pet is whining or you don’t have a pet and there are scratches at the door — you may have a ghost in your room.

Use a voice recorder

If you stand in the room where you believe there may be a ghost — turn the recorder on and ask the ghost a series of questions — then leave the room to give time for the ghost to answer. Then — if you are brave enough — listen to the recording and you may hear a voice answering those questions.

Image via flickr

Take a picture

While you may not need contacts — it doesn’t mean that you can see ghosts like in the movies. Using a camera with a flash will cause the spirit to be illuminated.

Get an app

While ghost detection systems can be expensive — modern technology allows for your smartphone to do all the same things detection systems do but on the cheap. A few apps will have a radar mechanism that can pick up bursts of energy going off in your home.

Image via flickr

Do an energy audit

By investing in a thermal imaging camera, you will be able to spot where exactly in your house a ghost is standing. Be forewarned — you may not like what you find or should I say, who, you find.

Have your REALTOR stay the night

Last but not least, you could request that your realtor stay the night. Now, I don’t know how this works and if you have to shell out for incidentals but if your own realtor can’t spend the night at a house you recently purchased from them or are thinking of purchasing — you may have a ghost on your hands.

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