Your old Xbox is selling for a fortune on eBay

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Remember that first edition Xbox 360 you got your son for Christmas that year? The one that’s probably sitting untouched in your old playroom today? Well now we have a present for you. We scoured eBay to find what all your old consoles and games are worth these days, and you won’t be disappointed.

Maybe you still enjoy your PlayStation games but want to make a quick buck and sell off an older Mario game — or maybe you have stacks and stacks of discs tucked away in your attic. Whatever the case may be, your games are in high demand, and there could be some serious cash coming your way.

From PlayStation and Wii to PC and Xbox, eBay has you covered. Check out the slideshow below to see what your old consoles are going for today.

Xbox 360 4GB CONSOLE Old Version, $205.00

Image via Ebay

Nintendo Game Boy Light Astro Boy Limited Edition, $617.50

Image via Ebay

Nintendo Game Boy Micro Pokemon Edition Limited Pikachu Console, $854.05

Image via Ebay

Nintendo Game Boy Color Berry Handheld System, $1,500.00

Image via Ebay

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