17 least stressed cities in the world

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Determining the underlying cause of what’s stressing you out can be nearly impossible.

It’s not unlikely to feel external pressures of the world around us and feel the urge to up and leave and move somewhere different — somewhere more peaceful, calmer and happier.

But where exactly in the world are those places, other than the lazy, breezy beach towns we’ve made up in our minds?

Luckily, a new study by Zipjet has ranked the top cities in the world that prove to be the least stressful.

Sadly enough, only one US spot made it to the top 17. Think you can guess where the other 16 are?

#17: Auckland, New Zealand

#16: Oslo, Norway

#15: Dresden, Germany

#14: Nice, France

#13: Wellington, New Zealand

#12: Seattle, Washington, USA

#11: Zurich, Switzerland

#10: Graz, Austria

#9: Hamburg, Germany

#8: Sydney, Australia

#7: Edinburgh, United Kingdom

#6: Bordeaux, France

#5: Munich, Germany

#4: Bern, Switzerland

#3: Hannover, Germany

#2: Luxembourg, Luxembourg

#1: Stuttgart, Germany

Cities were ranked based on factors that are known to cause stress and aggravation, which included a wide range of measurable items from public transportation accessibility and pollution levels to unemployment rates and levels of mental health.

Clinching the top spot was Stuttgart, Germany, home to Mercedes-Benz and Porsche museums and headquarters and a landscape ripe with green spaces, castles and botanical gardens.

Can’t exactly disagree with why that would be a calming place to settle down, can you?

Representing the U.S. at a solid number 12 spot was Seattle, Washington.

But no matter where you go, or where you live, it’s safe to say that there will always be times you’ll feel stressed — So if you’re going to daydream about the grass being greener, you might want to set your daydreams on Europe!

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