7 online job certifications you can get that can make you richer

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There’s nothing like a promotion or salary bump in a job you’ve worked hard at improving your status in.

Receiving a boost means that you’ve proven yourself better than the competition, you’re capable of a more challenging job and prepared for what’s to come.

While some skill sets are acquired through experience and hard work, there are other ways to get a leg up on your coworkers and competition in your field, all through studying and testing.

If you’re not willing to shell out the time and money for a master’s degree (which is quite a hefty investment), there are other certifications and degree enhancers that are available for you to receive.

But what’s even better, is that many of these certifications can be studied for and received all from the comfort of your couch, as they’re readily available online.

Because who has enough time allotted in their work life balance to sit through class?

Here are 7 certifications you can receive online that will instantly bump your salary potential:

#1: Project management

#2: CPA

#3: Process Management

#4: Medical Coder

#5: Exercise Physiologist 

#6: Actuary

#7: Microsoft Certified IT Professional

You worked hard for that degree, why not make it as strong as possible?

While some of these certifications are more difficult than others (looking at you, CPA) they’re no doubt worth the financial investment and time commitment that they require.

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