Budget Better: 17 things you should always buy in bulk

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There’s nothing worse than going to the store and realizing that you’ve purchased more than you need, or more than you have room for in your home.

But in some cases, it (literally) pays to buy in bulk.

Aside from warehouse clubs like Costco, BJs and Sam’s Club, many grocery stores and specialty stores will offer discounted prices per unit if you purchase in bulk.

For example, you may only need one bottle of laundry detergent to get you through the next month.

But stocking up ahead of time on five or six large bottles at a discounted price will not only allow you to pay less per bottle, but will save you from needing to run to the store for the next five or six months when you’re in need of more.

However, not every item is a worthwhile investment when buying in large amounts.

These items below are guaranteed to pay off — and a bulk purchase is always a smart move.


School supplies


Laundry detergent


Dried fruit


Office supplies

Light bulbs

White rice

Aluminum foil


Whole spices and seasoning

Pet food

Bottled beverages

Paper plates and utensils


So the overall benefit of buying in bulk? It saves you both time and money.

Yes, please!

A general rule to follow is to avoid anything perishable. Pantry items are always more favorable for bulk buys as they won’t go bad after a set amount of time.

As for non-grocery items, it’s smart to ask yourself about what small items you seem to always need but never think about going to the store to purchase, such as tape, staples, pens, etc.

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