What is a normal blood pressure reading?

This article originally appeared and was published on AOL.com

When Dr. Oz sat Rachael Ray down for a blood pressure test during a segment of her show, he wasn’t entirely pleased with the numbers he saw.

In fact, he made her do it again — and he called her new 144 over 92 reading “much better.”

Before taking the test, Dr. Oz suggests having a relatively empty stomach — but more importantly, an empty bladder. He also recommends having both feet on the ground and yours eyes closed during the reading.

Regarding ideal numbers, the famous M.D. says:

“Your blood pressure is supposed to be under 140 over 90, optimally closer to 120 over 80.”

He went on to call the test “life-saving” and “the single most important test you can do,” as “it does predict whether or not you have blood scraping up the lining of your arteries.”

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