You need to see the transformation this former ‘deteriorated’ and ‘uninhabitable’ home just underwent

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This one might go down as the restoration of the century (or rather, the last century.)

Built in 1887 in York, Pennsylvania, this house was formerly in a state of complete disarray, crumbling shingles and walls and all.

But thanks to a little work and a whole ‘lotta love, this Queen Anne style home has been restored to all of its glory…and then some.

Its listing claims it was formerly seen as ‘uninhabitable’ and with good reason.

But now, the 5-bedroom, 3-bathroom beauty is a detail-oriented work of art with flooring and walls made with a combination of over five different kinds of wood and stained glass panel windows that eclectically light the space.

The olive green, gold and deep red color schemes are enchanting and somewhat outdated, adding to the restorative feel of this unique little home.

Charming is an understatement – which explains why this place is currently licensed as a bed and breakfast.

It’s on the market for $350K, and if opening a new business isn’t your thing, the building can also be converted to a house without any hesitation on the sellers end.

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