One-piece swimsuits are now more popular than bikinis

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Summer has arrived — and that means pool parties and beach days ahead!

Now, if you’re planning on buying a brand-new bikini to stay on-trend, maybe reconsider (or, you know, just keep doing you). According to new research from retail data site EDITED, bikinis are out and one-pieces are IN. The data reveals that 20 percent more one-pieces are available online now and one-pieces are being snatched up three times faster than they were last year.

Given this new intel, we scoured the web for some of our favorite one-pieces (we found all sorts of patterns, colors, styles and prices):

French Connection Bandeau Halter Neck Swimsuit, Spring, $88

One-Piece Printed Balconette Swimsuit, Dolce & Gabbana, $495

Summersalt Swan Dive, Summersalt, $95

BECCA Color Play One-Piece Swimsuit, Nordstrom, $118

Tory Burch Bay Ruffle One-Piece, Spring, $250

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