Man uses impressive trick to get job interviews

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Making yourself stand out when applying for a job can be difficult — especially if you are up against a slew of qualified applicants.

Lukas Yla realized this, and devised a clever (and delicious) trick to get himself noticed in a competitive field.

After moving to San Francisco from Vilnius, Lithuania, he realized that finding his dream job in the booming tech industry could be tough, so he came up with something … out of the box.

Out of the doughnut box.

The 25 year old hid his resume inside a box of doughnuts and dressed up in a homemade Postmates delivery uniform to deliver the confections to potential employers.

The note inside contains a custom link to his LinkedIn profile, which he uses to track how much attention he has gotten from his idea.

Yla decided to go for a dramatic ploy to challenge himself. He said he knew he would have to start from scratch after moving across continents to find a job.

“It might look like a stunt, but it was precisely crafted campaign, that went through multiple iterations until it started succeeding,” he told

Most of the time, it really worked. He said he has had 10 interviews with major companies.

But not everyone is a fan of his strategy.

Yla told that he was thrown out of one tech company by an administrator for delivering doughnuts to a building two different times to two different people.

“She said it’s fun, but against the rules,” he said. “But in the end she was just working her job.”

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